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WATCH: ‘He’s Failed’: Students Who Voted Biden Unsatisfied After Afghan Collapse, Inflation
President Biden Addresses The Nation After Explosions Rock Kabul
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Students at George Mason University who said they supported President Joe Biden expressed disappointment over missteps and outright debacles from the administration, namely the collapse in Afghanistan, rising inflation, and the growing immigration crisis at the southern border.

Campus Reform reporter Addison Smith recently took to the campus to ask students who either voted for Biden or supported him about their thoughts on his performance. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Numerous students admitted the Afghanistan withdrawal was botched, even if they supporting leaving Afghanistan. “It’s been a bit of a disaster,” one Biden supporter admitted. Another student expressed disappointment that U.S. taxpayer-funded technology and equipment were left in Afghanistan. “Basically, 20 years of work was just erased really quickly,” one young male student said. “Maybe some steps could have been taken by [Biden] to stop it.”
  • Numerous students said Biden is responsible for rising gas prices and inflation. “If you’re looking at the straight facts, it’s apparent that he’s not [building back better],” one student said. “If he’s [building back better] the gas prices are still high,” another student questioned. “They’re still high, so I mean…”
  • Four students said they would prefer not to vote for Biden if he were to run in 2024. “Id’ like to see who else is running,” one student said. Another said, “As of right now, no [I would not vote for Biden again].”
  • Numerous students identified the crisis at the U.S./Mexico border as a weak spot for the Biden administration, admitting the management could have been “better.” “It could have been handled way better,” one student said.
  • Promises kept? Biden has “failed a lot on his promises,” a student told Smith. “On some things, he didn’t keep his promises on,” a female student admitted. “There are a lot of promises he hasn’t kept, yet,” echoed another female student.
  • “I feel like those are his two main weaknesses: Afghanistan and the border,” a young man told Smith.
  • At least four students expressed that things are worse or at least not “better” since the Trump administration.
  • One student confided that he voted for Biden because he thought he would cancel student debt.

Recent polling shows President Biden is shedding support from independents, fast.

Results from a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday revealed “independents are evenly split in their views of Biden’s job performance, with 46 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving. The figure represents a marked difference from June, when 52 percent of independents gave Biden positive reviews for his performance in the White House, while 38 percent disapproved,” The Hill reported.

“The drop in approval among a key voting bloc comes amid a new surge in COVID-19 infections driven by the highly contagious delta variant. At the same time, Biden and his administration have faced blowback over the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.”


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