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Here’s How Now-Accused Gov. Cuomo Treated Brett Kavanaugh Over Sexual Misconduct Accusations
NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2020/09/09: Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that restaurants can be open for in-door dining on September 30 at 3rd ave office. Governor said that restaurants can reopen their indoor spaces at 25 percent capacity with strict social distancing and safety requirements. Restaurants must post regulations in their dining rooms, have a high-density air filtration system and distance tables by six feet. Bar service is not permitted.
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Lindsey Boylan, who worked in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration from 2015 to 2018, came forward Wednesday with accusations of sexual misconduct against the New York Democrat.

Since December, Boylan has detailed Cuomo’s alleged “toxic team environment.” Her accusations became more specific on Wednesday when Boylan described instances of alleged sexual harassment and an unwanted kiss on the lips from the governor. That Daily Wire reported:

[Boylan] wrote of being told by her boss that Cuomo had a “crush” on her, and that “Stephanie Benton, Director of the Governor’s Offices, told me in an email on December 14, 2016 that the Governor suggested I look up images of Lisa Shields — his rumored former girlfriend — because ‘we could be sisters’ and I was ‘the better looking sister.’ The Governor began calling me ‘Lisa’ in front of colleagues. It was degrading.” … Later, she stated that Cuomo “kissed me on the lips” after a “one-on-one briefing with the Governor to update him on economic and infrastructure projects.”

Ironically, Cuomo, a leading Democrat who was floated as a potential Biden pick for U.S. Attorney General, has in the past spoken of his support for the #MeToo movement, slandered Republicans for allegedly not believing women, and even demanded then-U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh take a polygraph test over a decades-old allegation of sexual misconduct launched against the judge. Kavanaugh was later cleared of the accusation by the Senate Judiciary Committee and confirmed to the bench.

In 2018, Cuomo demanded Kavanaugh take a polygraph test, urging that his appointment to the bench be pulled if he did not comply.

“Why won’t [Kavanaugh] take a polygraph?” Cuomo asked President Donald Trump in a statement released at the time. “Dr. Ford did. If he does not take a polygraph test, it is the ultimate, ‘he said, she said.’ It is the one powerful piece of evidence that seriously damages his credibility and the credibility of his Republican supporters, including yourself.”

“You can and should ask him to take the test,” the Democrat continued. “If he refuses, you should pull the appointment. It will show at least a modicum of fairness on your part. If you do not insist that Judge Kavanaugh take a polygraph, it will be further evidence that you are putting political motivation over your constitutional obligation. Do not aid and abet a lie. Demand a polygraph.”

Cuomo also blasted Republicans at the time for allegedly diminishing women who have the courage to come forward with accusations.

“There is a disrespect for women that this [Trump] administration chronically exemplifies,” he charged. “After the #MeToo movement, they did absolutely nothing when it came to sexual harassment. They have always diminished the charges of women — always, consistently. And they’re doing it again.”

“To cheapen or ridicule the pain a woman suffers from a sexual attack is disgusting — sexist and disgusting. To second-guess how a woman should have acted after a sexual attack is sexist and disgusting. I mean, it’s just insensitive; you don’t understand the pain, you don’t understand how the system tortures a person who wants to come forward.”


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