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WATCH: HBO’s ‘The Young Pope’ Mocks Catholics, Because They’re Cowards

HBO’s much-hyped The Young Pope series, starring actor Jude Law, targets the Catholic Church in the most predictable fashion. The allegedly “edgy” series, thus far, has promoted abortion, gay marriage, masturbation and contraception.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming…

In one scene, Law, who plays the role of 47-year-old Pope Pius XIII, preaches anti-Catholic positions to a massive crowd of Catholics in what is eventually revealed to be a dream.

“We have forgotten to masturbate, to use contraceptives, to get abortions, to celebrate gay marriages, to allow priests to love each other and even to get married,” Law forcefully states. “We have forgotten, we can decide to die if you detest living. We forgot to have sexual relations for purposes other than procreation without feeling guilty, to divorce, to let nuns say mass, to make babies in all the ways science has discovered and will continue to discover. In short, my dear, dear children, not only have we forgotten to play, we have forgotten to be happy.”


To give you an idea of just how bad #TheYoungPope is.

WARNING: explicit language.

— Katie Yoder (@k_yoder) January 16, 2017

Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, has been the target of Hollywood for years. From singers like Madonna and Lady Gaga to pop culture flicks like Saved and Dogma, there is no shortage of Christian mockery. In fact, Hillary Clinton campaign officials were exposed via WikiLeaks emails bashing Catholics, too.

Which is all lovely, but it begs the now popularized rebuttal to the onslaught of anti-Christian sentiment: Okay, “edgy” HBO, now do Islam.

But these cowards won’t, of course, because they aren’t edgy; they aren’t even offering original critiques. The Young Pope merely attempts to stack-up Cool Points among other out-of-touch elites by slandering a group that is cool to slander in the Hollywood ranks. This is all expected of Hollywood GroupThink.

As noted by NewsBusters, The Young Pope has been praised by both CNN and The New York Times. Shocking, I know.

We get it, Hollywood, religious people are rubes. Well, except the ones waging jihad.

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