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WATCH: Hamas Making Arson Balloons Out of Condoms to Attack Israel

Amid rising tensions with Israel, Hamas is trying a new tactic to attack Israel: weaponized condoms.

Yes, really. Hamas is using condoms to create some of their arson balloons to set fires to the Israeli farms and communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.

Last week, the Israeli Defense Forces’ official Twitter account posted a video they claim is from a Palestinian DIY video explaining how to use condoms to create balloons equipped with incendiary and explosive materials. The video depicts the demonstrator preparing the incendiary balloons out of everyday household items, and then using a condom at the end to help lift the contraption into the air.

The video also claims that the balloons have started over 400 fires and burned over 6,100 acres of land.

The attacks with balloons and kites started on March 30 this year. As funny and ridiculous as it sounds, this is a serious issue. The arson balloons pose a major threat to Israeli security, agriculture, and the communities that live in the Gaza Envelope. The Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip are heavily invested in farming, and fires caused by arson balloons pose a threat to their economy and livelihood.

In the past, Israel has countered Hamas’s rockets with the Iron Dome, but the balloons are difficult to counter and cause a significant amount of damage. In response, the IDF has fired warning shots and attempted to target the perpetrators of the arson attacks. According to I24, Israeli aircraft targeted the vehicle owned by the people who launched the balloons and an observation post in an attempt to stop the attacks.

Additionally, the Jerusalem Post reports that Israel will be limiting the amount of helium imported to Gaza to prevent Hamas from using it to fill the arson balloons.

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