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WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Talks About Why We Need Something More Than Politics In Our Lives

By  Frank Camp

On the most recent episode of the “Sunday Special” with Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld made a salient point about the need to have a world outside of politics.

SHAPIRO: You have to build a sense of community around something, and if you’re a religious person, like if you ask me, what’s my community? My community would probably be the Orthodox Jewish community in which I live, right? Because if, God forbid, I lost all my money tomorrow, the people who I’d be going to for charity are those folks. But if you’re on the Left, where is the sense of community coming from except from this shared sense of politics?

After Gutfeld joked about building a community based around unicorns, he offered a more serious answer:

It is true. People want communities. The issue is though, like, people are too close to the fire. You know, the never-Trumper and the always-Trumper can be interchangeable because they’re just too close to the fire. The only thing – and we [were talking] about Andrew Breitbart – the only way out of that is humor. You and I talked about this a while ago on my Podcast. No matter how Breitbart would feel about Trump, he would find it hilarious…

I think that’s the key. People are taking this too seriously, and when you talked about your community, that prevents you from taking it too seriously because you have a community that offers you more.

I have to check myself. I’m married; I don’t have kids. I could easily just get full bore and think about this crap all the time. I could lie awake in the middle of the night and think about what I’m gonna say, and I realize, it’s really important to – like my wife is not political – and she’ll just say, “Stop it. It’s nothing. It’s stupid.” She just pokes a hole in it, and then I go, “You’re right. You’re right,” and then go out hang out with people…

The distance from this is really, really important.

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