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WATCH: Fleccas Presents Most Deranged Leftist Protesters Of 2018

Street reporter Austen Fletcher, AKA Fleccas, compiled the best of the worst interview clips from leftist protesters in 2018. And it’s brutal.

When Fletcher confronted enraged, inarticulate, and often clueless protesters on university campuses, at gay pride parades, and women’s marches over the last year, he was met with some outrageous soundbites and even unprovoked violence.

For example, liberals upset with President Donald Trump for calling MS-13 members “animals” actually defended the murderous immigrant gang. As one man put it, “not all of the gang members are animals, it’s a big gang.” Another woman said MS-13 members are “not animals at all,” but “human beings.” She then ironically called Trump a “pig.” (And yes, the irony was lost on her.)

At a women’s march, a young female showed off her “kill Trump” sign. “[My sign] says ‘Kill Donald Trump,’ and then it says, ‘Kill Mike Pence,’ and then it says ‘It’s guillotine time, b****es,'” she explained. She later admitted that her ideal “communist utopia” is “like, pretty hard to do.”

Another women’s march protester, a young male, brilliantly explained why words are violence: “Words are just words until actions actually starts, and actions speak louder than words, but at the same time, words speak louder than actions, because, sometimes, it’s the right thing to do.”

A man dressed in a vagina hat and a “silence is betrayal” t-shirt confessed his sins to Flecca. “I got ahead of people because of my position as a white male,” he said. He then claimed that it is up to white males to save minorities and marginalized people. “I think that the people that need to stand up for people that have the power to say something, like myself. And I think that’s what’s gonna help change things.”

When it came to talk about the Second Amendment, there were some real gems of wisdom offered. “If you can get an AR-15, what’s stopping you from getting a nuclear weapon?” asked one protester. Another made the point, “No one needs an assault rifle. I have face tattoos; I’m irresponsible enough as it is.”

Youths protesting a speech from Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro at the University of Southern California (USC) called Shapiro a “racist” but provided no evidence when asked. They also chanted, “Cops and Klan go hand in hand.” As pointed out by Fleccas, a majority of the cops protecting the protesters were in fact minorities. They had no real response to this, other than doubling down on cops being “racists.”

At another campus, students tried to shut down Shapiro from speaking while simultaneously claiming that they support “free speech.” Nonsensically, they said so-called “hate speech” should be shut down. What “hate speech” is exactly is up to subjective determination, presumably by these fair-minded college students.

And, in 2018, we learned not to be a “speciesist.” “Human rights are animals rights. If you fight for human rights but don’t fight for animal rights, you’re being a ‘speciesist,'” said one young woman.