Watch: Fleccas’ Latest Man-On-The-Street Video Should Terrify You
The latest "Man on the Street" survey from Fleccas is alarming

When you’re done laughing at the latest video from YouTube star Fleccas, take a moment to despair for your nation’s future.

Austen Fletcher, the bearded inquisitor behind the popular channel Fleccas Talks, dispatched TikTok star and man-on-the-street correspondent Justin Awad to New York City this week to test the knowledge of random folks with some trivia questions. You know, trivia. Like, how many eggs are in a dozen? How many years in a decade? Who is the vice president?

Well, best to just watch:

In the latest video, Awad picked passersby and good-naturedly asked them questions, studiously avoiding tricky subjects, like string theory or anything involving dark matter.

“Do you know when the U.S. was founded?” he asks one woman.

“I don’t know,” she replies. “Probably like, 1901?”

To another woman, Awad poses an even thornier query.

“How many states make up the United States?” he asks.

“How many states make – Dude! I know this,” she replies.

“You know this,” Awad agrees.

“Yes I do,” she says. “That’s crazy!”

But it becomes apparent that she does not. And it keeps getting worse.

“Very scary stuff,” Fletcher later observed.

The video quickly went viral Thursday on both YouTube and Instagram.

Fletcher, who has 572,000 YouTube subscribers, built up his following by going to protests and asking leftists relatively straightforward questions and getting answers ranging from hilarious to terrifying. He now has a weekly podcast, which drops on Fridays.

In 2020, Fletcher made more serious news when he caught up with Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) to ask him about the riots that were going on at the time in Portland, Oregon. Nadler declared that the black-clad anarchists were “a myth.”

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