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WATCH: Fleccas Asks USC Students If They’re Happy To Learn Their President Didn’t Collude With Russians

By  James Barrett

For his latest man-on-the-street video, conservative reporter Austen Fletcher (“Fleccas Talks”) went to the campus of the University of Southern California Monday to ask students a simple question: Are you happy to know that your president didn’t collude with the Russians and overthrow our political system? What he found were more people willing to say yes than might be expected on a modern liberal campus.

On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report on what he found after two years, 2,800 subpoenas, almost 500 search warrants and 500 witness interviews, and 13 evidence requests to foreign governments. Sunday, Attorney General William Barr issued his highly anticipated summary of Mueller’s 300-page report: The report recommends no further indictments, “did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election,” and “does not conclude” that Trump obstructed justice, leaving that to the State Department, which has since said they found no evidence of obstruction.

When Fleccas asked students at USC if they were happy about the findings, he appears to have found more students willing to go on record to say yes than no.

“Best news since the election, honestly,” says one guy. “Yeah,” says another. “It seems like it was one of those nothingburger situations.” Another male students says it even more emphatically: “It’s great news. I’d be shocked that anybody’s upset that the president didn’t commit treason.”

But not everyone was so enthused. “I don’t think the Mueller report was very accurate,” says one highly skeptical female student. When Fleccas tries to get any positive response from her, asking, “Didn’t overthrow our political system at least?” she gives her final answer: “No. F*** the president.” Fleccas quips, “Okay, that’s one way to look at it.”

“Are you happy to know that the president didn’t collude with the Russians and overthrow our political system?” Fletcher asks another male student. “I mean, I already knew it was all bullsh** from the beginning, so it was no surprise, really,” the student replies.

“Is that even true then?” responds one guy who repeatedly says he finds it “hard to believe” that Trump wasn’t committing treason with Putin.

Two of three guys who appear to be happy to be on camera give the news “big time thumbs up,” and even “double triple thumbs ups,” though one of them later says he doesn’t want Trump to get re-elected.

Fletcher particularly seeks out some students who describe themselves as moderates, one of whom doesn’t appear to feel comfortable having his face appear on the video, but is willing to offer some thoughts on how far left the Democratic Party has gone.

Another student says that conservatives experience threats and harassment on campus, specifically citing his friend experiencing “a lot of harassment” for helping host a YAF event featuring Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.


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