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WATCH: Team Obama Said Syria Had Been Cleansed Of Chemical Weapons. Over And Over And Over Again.

By  Ben

The Obama administration spent its years routinely stating that the arc of history bent toward justice, that human rights violations violated the world’s sensibilities, and that unlike cowboy-esque Republicans, Democrats would ensure that the world remained safe from the predations of monsters like Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. In fact, President Obama issued a “red line,” and threatened action against Assad if Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. When Assad did just that, Obama hemmed and hawed and then finally handed over the situation to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who ensured that Assad stayed in power, and allowed Assad to retain his chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration went around bragging that their magical Russian deal had actually disarmed the dictator. Don’t believe me? Believe these Democratic officials, including Obama himself, in this video compiled by the Free Beacon:

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