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WATCH: First Episode Of Mike Rowe’s ‘Returning The Favor’ Deals With Veterans Suffering From PTSD

By  Frank

Mike Rowe, former host of Dirty Jobs and founder of the mikeroweWORKS foundation, has released the first episode of his new web-series called Returning the Favor.

According to RTF’s official Facebook page, the show follows “Mike Rowe as he travels the country in search of remarkable people making a difference in their communities. Returning the Favor gives back to those who pay it forward with humor, heart and surprise. Because one good turn deserves another.”

The first episode has Rowe meeting a Cedar Lake, Indiana, man named Jason Zaideman, who is the founder of Operation Combat Bikesaver, a non-profit group for veterans suffering from PTSD. The men and women of OCB rebuild and design motorcycles as a kind of therapy.

The episode is full of incredible stories, and even more incredible people. To say anything more would ruin the experience, so sit back and watch the first episode of this awesome online series:

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