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WATCH: Feminists Out-Stupid Themselves With Latest Crude Pro-Abortion Video

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

We didn’t think it could happen, but feminists have managed to out-stupid themselves once again. Remember that one time feminists vowed to stop having reckless sex to stick it to pro-lifers? This is dumber!

On Friday afternoon, Vox’s Liz Plank posted a video that was apparently supposed to be comical (it’s not) and a giant screw you to pro-lifers (it’s not) in honor of soon-to-be-confirmed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The video, though, is an even bigger fail than you might have anticipated — a spectacular failure that really makes you question how much these sexually liberated feminists actually know about sex.

Mocking pro-life pregnancy centers, Plank posed as a doctor at a “male masturbation crises center,” comparing ejaculated semen to an unborn child. To feminists, abortion should be legal and free from regulation because men are allowed to masturbate. Or something.

“Tag ur favorite pro-life guy,” captioned Plank, adding a #KavanaughHearing hashtag.

“Look, Trevor, when you’re going five against one, you’re not just rubbing one out. In fact, you’re rubbing 70-300 sperm,” said Plank, euphemizing masturbation. “Men must protect these potential lives.”

Again, for those of you keeping score at home, semen alone cannot create a child.

Plank then compared pro-life legislation, such as parental consent for minors seeking to have an unborn child killed, to regulations on male masturbation.

“Look, even if you do decide to ride the mayonnaise trail, we’ll take your sock, iPad, or tissue, and dispose of it in a compassionate way,” continued Plank. Again, because a fetus is exactly like ejaculated semen.

As perfectly mocked by PJ Media’s Jim Treacher, feminists somehow believe a fetus is not a baby, but sperm cells are.


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