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WATCH: Feminist Marries Herself In ‘Sologamy’ Ceremony

The long road to Peak Feminism starts with fun pussy hats and Slut Walks but ends at a super sad and awkward wedding ceremony where there’s one bride, and no groom.

In what I’ve previously dubbed as the saddest trend in modern feminism, lonely (but totally empowered) women who can’t seem to make it work with a man are now buying themselves wedding rings, white dresses, and renting out a venue for their weddings … where they marry themselves.

Because you can have it all! Or something.

This pitiful trend where women commit themselves to themselves is called “sologamy,” a mash up between the words “solo” and “monogamy.”

In a Saturday post from UNILAD, one empowered feminist named Emmajane shared her sologamy ceremony with the world.

“Emmajane had a number of failed relationships,” reads the text on the video as Emmajane is shown on an Australian beach, ready to tell herself how much she loves herself.

The feminist “decided to propose to herself on Valentine’s Day,” says the text. Emmajane walks down an aisle holding a bouquet of flowers.

Holding a mirror up to her face, the woman repeats her vows to herself.

“I love the way you are so compassionate about what you do and have such a creative drive,” she says, locking eyes with herself.

“I love how you have compassion and empathy for others,” she continues.

Emmajane then places a ring she bought herself onto her own ring finger, and she lived unhappily ever lonely!

But Emmajane is not alone in the empty movement. As The Daily Wire reported in May, “A site looking to make a few bucks on sad feminists called offers a kit to assist you in planning your own wedding ceremony, ‘self-wedding’ rings and daily self-affirmation cards.” (Gotta love capitalism.)

“A self-wedding is a symbolic ceremony — about reconnecting and staying connected with you. Wear the ring to remind you every day to LOVE YOURSELF,” reads the site.

Some of the marry-yourself packages can cost the blushing bride upward of $200.

On a serious note, this trend should be a warning sign to young women falling for the shiny allure of the allegedly empowering feminist lifestyle. As evidence suggests, more and more women are finding themselves without a partner and childless well beyond their childbearing years.

Perhaps young girls should be encouraged to skip the Slut Walk, start holding men to higher standards before climbing into bed with them, and, dare I say, focus on finding a man to marry.


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