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WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Decries GOP ‘BLOOD MONEY’ While Pushing Planned Parenthood

By  James Barrett

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is among the long list of Democrats who have gone straight over the hyperbole cliff in response to the Republicans’ Obamacare replacement bill. Despite the Senate’s “Obamacare-Lite” being simply a watered-down version of the already weak House bill, Warren quickly got in front of a camera to accuse Republicans of willfully letting their fellow Americans die — all so they can keep the big “blood money” streaming in.

“This is blood money,” said Warren in an apocalyptic video packed with false claims and faulty premises. The Republicans, she declared, are “paying for tax cuts with American lives.”

As Daily Wire‘s John Nolte highlights, Warren didn’t just reserve the “blood money” line for the video, she also unleashed the same over-the-top, vitriolic accusation on the Senate floor on Thursday:

Senate Republicans had to make a choice — how to pay for all those juicy tax cuts for their rich buddies. I’ll tell you how … blood money. … For Senate Republicans, it wasn’t enough that the House bill was going to toss grandparents out of nursing homes, or slash funding for people with disabilities or pull the plug on healthcare for babies born too soon. … These cuts are blood money. People will die. Senate Republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with American lives.

Speaking of profiting off of “American lives,” in the same video that Warren decries the GOP’s “blood money,” she also shamelessly throws in an mini-infomercial for one of her biggest campaign donors, Planned Parenthood.

In her dishonest plug for the nation’s leading provider of abortions, Warren cites several misleading talking points that Democrats repeatedly rattle off about the government-funded abortion giant (watch Democrats mislead women about Planned Parenthood’s services here). Like her leftist colleagues, Warren somehow manages to leave out that whole abortion aspect of Planned Parenthood (by far it’s biggest money-maker), instead citing some of the other services that the company claims to provide women.

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only promoter of abortion who has handed Warren thousands of dollars. In fact, from 2011-2014, Warren’s biggest donor was high-powered “pro-choice” advocate EMILY’s List, who gave Warren a whopping $506,575. Now THAT’s some big-time “blood money.”

As for the premise of Warren’s attack on Republicans: what she consistently fails to either understand or honestly acknowledge is that higher taxes on the “greedy” insurance companies means higher costs for all of us. Republicans’ calls to relieve insurers of the massive tax burdens imposed by the epic failure of Obamacare is designed to make healthcare more affordable and thus more accessible to more Americans — exactly the opposite of Warren’s disingenuous and reckless claim.

In fact, right on cue, PragerU has just released another one of its excellent videos on just this concept:

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