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WATCH: Democratic Socialists Surround ‘SCUM!’ Substitute Teachers’ Cars To Enforce Teacher Strike

By  James Barrett

The 31,000-member United Teachers Los Angeles Union has gone on strike to force the school district to pay more and hire more, and they’ve got backup: the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), who are more than willing to help enforce the strike — even if that means physically blocking “scum” substitute teachers from trying to make sure students aren’t left sitting in classrooms alone.

In a series of videos and photos posted on the group’s Twitter page and highlighted by education reform group, the DSA Los Angeles expressed their solidarity with the union’s ongoing strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District. In the posts, DSA members, holding a “Socialists for Public Education, We Stand With LA Teachers!” banner, can be seen surrounding vehicles of substitute teachers, whom they refer to as “scabs” and decry as “scum.”

After physically blocking the would-be subs’ cars and chanting at them to “turn around,” the DSA LA members cheer as their intimidation efforts succeed in forcing teacher after teacher to give up. Below are videos and images proudly posted by the DSA LA.

“Rise and shine and hit the picket line!” DSA LA posted Tuesday morning. “Scabs beware: The DSA-LA Central Branch is out here at Robert F Kennedy Community Schools.”

“Join us at 8th & Kenmore (or Venice High or NoHo High) if you want to holler at scabs,” the group wrote, along with video of them chanting “turn around” to what is presumably a substitute teacher in a red car.

“Day two of the @UTLAnow strike and @DSA_LosAngeles is holding the line. The scene just before this scabstitute turned tail,” the socialist group boasted.

“NO SCABS ALLOWED IN UNION TOWN,” they declared in a post with another video of them surrounding a sub’s car.

Here’s a post they retweeted praising the DSA for yelling at “scabs”:

The group felt the need to explain why they despise “scabs” so much: “We say no to scabs because we care more about our children’s futures than a sub making them watch movies all day today.”

Here’s another proud moment for the group: “That moment when we made the scabs turn around.”

After taking down would-be substitute teachers the DSA wanted to make sure everyone knows they’re targeting “charter cronies” next — and about their “tacos for teachers” campaign: “Scabs down, charter cronies next! We’re headed over to the California Charter School Association at 10:30 to fight back against privatization. And hey @UTLAnow: There will be tacos.”

And here’s the DSA’s post explaining why they back the massive teachers’ strike: “Today we walk the line with LA teachers who are standing up for public education. We got some of them together — public & charter school teachers alike & mostly DSA members — to share why they strike & why investment in schools is an imperative. Join them!”’s Victor Skinner notes that the Communist Party USA has also expressed their solidarity with the massive LA teachers union.

“The CPUSA well recalls that in socialist countries a commonly heard expression is, ‘There is only one privileged class of people here: Children,'” the communist group wrote in a statement Monday. “Los Angeles today is a testing ground for society to determine just how much of a priority it places on a full and rich education for its people as an investment in its future.”

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