WATCH: Competitive Eating Legend Breaks Record After Downing Nearly Four Dozen Chicken Fingers In Minutes

Joey Chestnut celebrates after winning the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4, 2018 in the Coney Island neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York City.
Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Competitive eating legend Joey Chestnut just did it again when he broke a record after downing nearly four dozen chicken fingers in just minutes.

It all went down Wednesday in Las Vegas at a new Raising Cane’s chicken restaurant in honor of National Chicken Finger Day. Chestnut set a new record when he scarfed down 44 Cane’s chicken fingers in five minutes.

The whole spectacle was live-streamed and shared on YouTube by Cane’s. In the clip that can be seen below, the man who’s proved he’s the Tom Brady of competitive eating admitted before the timer started that he would have to “hustle” in order to break the record.

“These things are big [the chicken fingers],” Joey explained. “They’re big. They’re meaty. But they’re delicious. I’m gonna have to hustle. Just find my happy place and keep going. So, I think 40 to 50, it’s doable.”


At the start of the competition, it was announced that there were 75 of the restaurant’s famed chicken fingers placed in front of Chestnut. The MC then counted down from five before the giant clock on the table started ticking away.

The competitive eater then began wolfing one chicken finger at a time while he was flanked by two Vegas dancers, who were wearing red sparkling dresses, feather boas, and feather headgear.

The crowd cheered his name “Joey, Joey” and rooted Chestnut on as he tackled one chicken finger after another. The champ rotated between shoving the chicken fingers in his mouth to taking drinks to help get them them all down.

The “American Legend,” as the MC labeled him, seemed to tackle the first two dozen without any struggle at all before he appeared to be moving more methodically as the clock ticked down. Then, it was announced that “Joey Chestnut” had set a new record for the restaurant chain, eating 44 Cane’s chicken fingers in just five minutes.

After the champ got a chance to breathe and soak up his victory, Joey said he was “living the dream” by getting to travel the country and set records for eating great food.

On July 4, Chestnut scored his 15th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest win in 16 years, after chowing 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

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