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WATCH: Comedy Central Trolls Celebrity ‘Get Out The Vote’ Ads

By  Paul Bois

It seems that every election year, mid-term or presidential, celebrities are making themselves look important with those “Get Out The Vote” ads where they encourage people to vote in the coming election, lecturing them about civic duty.

Typically, mockery of those celebrity ads has been from grassroots conservatives who are tired of being lectured to by Hollywood elites. Now Comedy Central has stepped in with a parody of their own — the “Should We Vote?” initiative.

The parody video employs the usual tropes seen in those “Get Out The Vote” ads; this time, it’s regular Americans speaking in succession to finish each other’s sentences over a series of cuts. Here, they all pontificate on whether or not they will be able to vote if celebrities like Tom Hanks or Alyssa Milano don’t tell them what they should do.

“All Americans are asking themselves the same questions: How will I know if I should vote if celebrities don’t tell me to?” the actors say in the video. “Does Emma Stone think I should vote? What about John Krasinski?”

“Many normal Americans like us don’t know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do,” they continue. “Tom Holland, Tom Hardy, Thomas the Tank Engine: Should I vote?”

“It’s about celebrities telling regular Americans that they have to vote. Many normal Americans like us don’t know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do. Some people are calling this the most important election of our lives, but they aren’t famous.”

The Comedy Central parody comes on the heels of celebrities like Jane Fonda and Amy Schumer hosting a “Get Out The Vote” telethon next Monday night. More from DW’s Emily Zanotti:

The telethon, titled, of course, ‘Telethon for America,’ will be will be “streamed live starting at 9 p.m. ET on Monday on YouTube, Facebook Live and Comedy Central’s website, organizers said in a statement,” according to Yahoo.

But Schumer and Fonda won’t be the only social media leftists to star in the torturous online display. Director Judd Apatow, who regularly tweets hysterical conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump, will join the pair of aging activists, as will noted political expert Chelsea Handler, as will someone named Olga Kay, who is touted as a “celebrity activist, but has a suspiciously limited IMDB profile that includes credits for playing a circus juggler on CSI:NY.”

A tentative schedule for the telethon reveals that “more than 50” celebrities will put on skits, do monologues, and take part in “musical performances” designed to encourage young people to take time out of their busy lives of doing nothing to cast a ballot on Tuesday in key states.

Of course, the 2016 election produced some of the most patronizing celebrity ads to date, with the most notorious being the “Save the Day Vote” ad from director Joss Whedon, which starred the likes of Mark Rufffalo and Robert Downey Jr. Even The Guardian acknowledged the ad was useless.

“Tribal loyalties are pretty dug in,” the outlet wrote at the time. “Trump supporters aren’t going to be swayed by this video – indeed, they can only be nettled by the pageant of liberal-Hollywood aristocrats.”

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