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WATCH: CNN Questions If Karen Pence Should Get Secret Service Protection Because She’s A Christian

During a segment discussing Second Lady Karen Pence teaching art at a Christian school, CNN host John King questioned if Mrs. Pence should be receiving taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection or government-funded housing because of her religious beliefs.

“Does it matter that all taxpayers pay for her housing; all taxpayers pay for her Secret Service protection?” asked King. “It’s not her fault that she needs protection – this is world we live in. But all taxpayers subsidize her life. Does it matter?”

This was even too much for some of the CNN panelists to digest.

“So, you mean: Do her First Amendment freedoms get somehow curtailed because taxpayers pay for her accommodations and her security?” asked SiriusXM’s Chief Washington Correspondent Olivier Knox, trying to wrap his head around the suggestion. “I don’t know that a lot of people would sign onto that,” Knox stated bluntly.

“Other people have the First Amendment freedoms to criticize and they should expect that,” chimed in another panelist.


Mrs. Pence was recently the subject of liberal scorn when it was revealed that she teaches at a Christian school that abides by biblical Christian teachings regarding homosexuality and premarital sex.

CNN reporter Kate Bennett tweeted an article from left-leaning outlet The Huffington Post, writing, “So, lemme get this straight, the second lady of the United States has chosen to work at a school that openly discriminates against LGBT adults and children.”

The faux outrage echoed throughout the mainstream media before it manifested itself on Friday’s absurd CNN segment wherein King suggested Pence be discriminated against for her faith.

Voices on the right were quick to call out the bigoted questioning by King, who almost certainly would not make such a suggestion if the Second Lady practiced a faith outside of Christianity.

“THIS IS THE LEFT,” remarked One American News Network host Liz Wheeler. “If you don’t echo their radical leftist ideology, they want to shut you up.”

“Karen Pence is a Christian? Well, she shouldn’t be allowed to be, since her Secret Service protection is paid for by the taxpayer, according to CNN,” she added. “Seriously, this is insane.”

“This is horrifying and dangerous,” wrote Federalist columnist Inez Stepman.

“What, what is he even suggesting,” questioned Hot Air’s Allahpundit.

WATCH the full segment, below:

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