WATCH: CNN Panelist Says Kavanaugh ‘Carries The Burden To Prove’ That ‘He Is Fit’ | The Daily Wire
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WATCH: CNN Panelist Says Kavanaugh ‘Carries The Burden To Prove’ That ‘He Is Fit’

By  Frank Camp

On Tuesday, during a CNN panel anchored by Jim Acosta, the Brookings Institute’s Susan Hennessey seemed to suggest that the burden is on SCOTUS nominee Bret Kavanaugh to “prove” that “he is fit” in light of recent circumstances:

I think it’s important to realize that this is not a criminal trial; this is the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice — and what we have here is a credible accusation. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s a conclusive accusation; it doesn’t mean it’s proof; it doesn’t mean that people have to believe it; but it is a credible accusation.

And in these circumstances, it is the nominee that carries the burden to prove to the Senate and to the American people that he is fit for a lifetime appointment at the highest court of the United States.

And so there really is nothing necessarily suspicious about Doctor Ford taking her time here. Congressional testimony is difficult under the best circumstances. This might be the actual worst circumstances under which to testify.

I really do think that what we would expect to see from Republicans and Democrats that actually want to [be getting the] truth here [is] take their foot off the gas, take the politics out of it a little bit to the extent that’s possible, and actually engage … in some serious fact-finding.

The Daily Wire reached out to Hennessey for clarification, but as of publication, we have received no reply.

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