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WATCH: Climate Change Zealot Bill Nye Called Out by Tucker Carlson

On Monday night, Bill Nye, a kids’ TV personality who laughably presents himself as a scientist—he’s not—appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss his dogmatic belief in Climate Change, formally known as Global Warming pre-narrative fail.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pressed Nye on his specifics pertaining to his Climate Change hysteria, since according to Nye a (questionable) “consensus” means the science is “settled” and “extreme skeptics” should be branded as “deniers” and possibly thrown in jail.

The battle revolved around a simple inquiry from Carlson: “To what degree is climate change caused by human activity?” the host wanted to know. “Is it 100 percent caused by human activity, is it 74.3 percent? It’s ‘settled science,’ please tell us to what degree human activity is responsible.”

Things went…not so Global Warning Hot for the left-wing darling, eventually resulting in Carlson calling out Nye for having a closed mind and bullying dissenters into silence.

“So much of this you don’t know,” asserted Carlson. “You pretend that you know, but you don’t know, and you bully people who ask questions. I’m open-minded, you are not.”


Partial transcript provided via The Blaze:

“To what degree is climate changed caused by human activity?” Carlson asked. “Is it 100 percent caused by human activity, is it 74.3 percent? It’s ‘settled science,’ please tell us to what degree human activity is responsible.”

“So the word ‘degree’ is a word that you chose,” Nye replied, “but the speed that climate change is happening is caused by humans. Instead of happening on time-scales of millions of years, or let’s say, fifteen thousand years, it’s happening on a time-scale of decades, and now years.”

“To what extent is human activity responsible for speeding that up?” Carlson questioned. “So at what rate would it have changed without human activity?”

Nye, looking clearly annoyed that someone would question his devout religious views, was pressed further by Carlson: “You look annoyed that I’m asking these questions, but they’re very basic questions. They’re not denial,” he said.

“100 percent!” Nye nearly yelled. “If that’s the number you want. Humans are causing it to happen catastrophically fast.”

This is new. Where is the consensus that 100 percent of Climate Change is caused by man?

“OK, so, basically, the cycles of climate change,” Nye continued to ramble, “the last ice age we had was tens of thousands of years ago. So, uh, bear in mind that in ancient dinosaur days there was more carbon monoxide, the world was warmer than it is now, there was an inland sea in what is now Wyoming. I understand you have a member of Congress from Colorado used to be underwater and you can go to Dinosaur National Monument to see it, but that was millions of years ago…The rate, the rate is the problem. Now here’s the thing – half of the people in the world live on sea coasts. As we get the ocean a little bit warmer, the ocean is going to expand, and people on the sea coast are going to be displaced.”

“You’re not answering my question,” Carlson correctly stated. “I’m asking you a simple question about the rate of climate change. You said that it would be happening but that rate has been accelerating because of human activity. And I’m asking very simply–“

“The word ‘accelerated’ is an understatement,” Nye interjected. “It’s happening extraordinarily fast.”

“I’m asking you a simple question,” the Fox host pressed. “And because the science is ‘settled,’ I hope you can answer it in simple terms, which is, without human activity would it have taken for us to reach this level of warmth in our climate.”

After dodging the question, Nye finally responds: “It would have looked like it did in 1750. Britain would not be very well-suited to growing grapes as it is today. French wine-makers would not be buying land to the North as they are now. People who plan to run ski resorts would still be able to do it in Europe,” he said.

“You’re using the science of politics. You’re not a scientist, as you know, you’re a popularizer,” contended Carlson.

“So much of this you don’t know. You pretend you know, but you don’t know,” concluded the host. “I’m open-minded and you are not.”

Nye then rambled on about leaks in the Trump White House and how he expects to cross paths with Carlson in the future. It was weird.