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WATCH: Chris Matthews Rails Against SCOTUS Following The Travel Ban Ruling

MSNBC host Chris Matthews had a classic Matthews meltdown on his “Hardball” program Tuesday in which he railed against the Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate President Donald Trump’s travel ban from certain countries.

As reported by Newsbusters, Matthews went on two separate rants against the decision, opening his show with one of his trademark hysterical monologues.

“They’ve done it again,” Matthews opined. “The usual suspects the five-man Republican majority on the Supreme Court today gave President Trump what he wanted most: The Good Housekeeping seal on his campaign to divide the country and approving his travel ban crudely aimed at Muslims, the Republican-controlled highest court has shined up the entire Trump offensive on Muslims, Latinos and, let’s not kid ourselves, Democrats.”

Later in the show, Matthews continued his tirade by connecting the travel ban decision to the election of George W. Bush and the Iraq War, Citizens United, and, bizarrely, the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the Second Amendment.

The news anchor whined, “As I said, Donald Trump’s dark brand of politics received the Supreme Court’s seal of approval today. Five justices reviewed in favor of president trump’s travel ban, the cleaned up version of his Muslim ban. The court chose to focus on the text of the policy rather than Trump’s prior inflammatory tweets and public comments.”

“And then ten years after making W. President and repowering the country’s war machine into Iraq, the Supreme Court put the cherry on the top giving total political power to the one force the highest court favors even more than Republicans, money,” he continued. “The Citizens United case gave those with big money the unlimited license to change the course of elections. Embraced and beloved by Republicans, the Citizens United ruling brought down the last barrier between those with money and the power to direct the country’s affairs. No wonder so many people are telling pollsters now how little they care about a democracy so increasingly run by the Republican dollar.”

You can watch clips from the rant below: