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WATCH: ‘Change My Mind’: Crowder Debates Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation On College Campus
Screenshot/YouTube/Confirm Amy Coney Barrett | Change My Mind
Screenshot/YouTube/Confirm Amy Coney Barrett | Change My Mind

Steven Crowder, host of the The Blaze’s “Louder with Crowder,” released the next installment of his “Change My Mind” series on Tuesday over the potential confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Crowder set up on a college campus and invited people to try and convince him that Barrett should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court. The 40-minute video features Crowder conversing with three students over why they think Barrett should not sit on the court, at least until the election is over.

The first person to take on Crowder argued that the current Supreme Court vacancy should be left open until after the election so the next president, either President Trump or Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, might nominate a judge to fill it.

“First off, because it’s an outstanding circumstance, like, it’s an election year and we’re in the midst of an election. We don’t know who is going to win, you know, we’re hearing different opinions. We don’t know who is going to win. I think we should wait until the president is elected or reelected to make that decision,” the lady said.

She added that she personally did not support Barrett as a nominee because she does not “feel protected or represented by Amy Coney Barrett.”

Crowder noted that nominating a judge to the Supreme Court during election years is standard practice for sitting presidents. Generally, if one party holds both the White House and the Senate, that judge is confirmed. If the bodies are held by different parties, the nominee is likely to be rejected or not brought up for consideration.

“You would have to rationalize [leaving the seat open] considering it goes against precedent,” Crowder said. “That’s not what we do. That’s not what [former President Barack Obama did. That’s not what happened 29 times. You nominate, you’re the president, that’s what you do. And if you’re the Senate you confirm or you reject, that’s what you do.”

“That is a good point,” the woman admitted.

The next person up, a man, began by saying that Barrett’s nomination and potential confirmation was constitutional. Instead, he argued that Capitol Hill should be focused on other matters, such as passing another aid package for businesses and families impacted by the pandemic and lockdowns.

“I think what we really need to think about is that is this the most important thing to be talking about. We have an economic crisis going on, the worst we’ve seen since 2008,” he said. “The average American is just worried about where their next check is coming from, and if it’s not coming from one of the businesses that our government so graciously closed down, then it ought to come from the government itself. So I think we need to see another relief package before worrying about this.”

Crowder responded that a Supreme Court judiciary stacked with originalist judges is necessary to check the power of the government and stop such policies as wide-spread lockdowns from being repeated.

“I think both are equally important,” Crowder said, referring to helping businesses and confirming Barrett. “Whether you support Donald Trump or Joe Biden, I don’t want the next guy abusing that power. That’s where I think the Supreme Court is equally important, because they might be able to have a say in what I would argue is already unconstitutional: shutting down businesses.”

Watch Crowder’s entire video below:

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