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WATCH: Cardi B Gives Pro-Life Message While Discussing Her Choice To Reject Abortion

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

“Why do I have to choose?” asked famed rapper Cardi B about the prospects of motherhood and having a career.

On Tuesday, the newly-famous star unintentionally got political for the second time in recent weeks. Cardi B previously went on an anti-big government rant that quickly went viral after seeing how much money the federal government took from her in taxes. This time, speaking to the morning show gang at The Breakfast Club, the rapper rattled off an important pro-life message while discussing her decision to embrace the life of her unborn baby.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer joyfully announced the news of her pregnancy on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend. Discussing the news with the co-hosts, Cardi B revealed that she briefly considered an abortion, seemingly due to outside pressures since she is at the height of her career, before deciding she “didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing.”

“I just didn’t want to,” she revealed.

“The regret of it, probably?” asked host Charlemagne Tha God in response.

“Yeah,” she said. “I just didn’t want to. It was just like, ‘You know what, I’m a grown woman. I’m 25 years old. … You know what I’m saying? I’m prepared for this.'”

Cardi B elaborated on such outside pressures, particularly from women (likely “feminists”) who have mocked her for keeping her child.

“It really bothers me and it disgusts me. … I see a lot of women like, ‘Oh, I feel bad for her. Why is she doing that in the height of her career?'” the rapper explained. “And it’s just like, why can’t I have both? Why do I have to choose a baby or a career? Like, a family or a career? Why can’t I have both? Why do I have to be in my mid-30s to have a baby?”

“I’m getting married,” she added. “And God forbid we don’t [get married], my man is a great father to his kids.”

Uh-oh! Cardi B rejects the narrative that you must to sacrifice your unborn baby to have a satisfying career. Does this mean she loses her Feminist Card? Me thinks so.


Cardi B clocked all of y’all that had something to say about her getting pregnant

— (@trapendella) April 10, 2018

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