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WATCH: Campus Reform Asks Students Who Don’t Think Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize Why Obama Won His In 2009

On Saturday, Campus Reform uploaded a video in which digital media director Cabot Phillips spoke with students at UC Santa Cruz about the possibility of President Trump being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Phillips began with a simple comparison and follow-up question:

Some of Trump’s supporters have said that President Obama won the Nobel Prize in 2009, and they think President Trump has done more, and so he deserves the award for the global peace that’s been brought about as a result of the seeming end of the conflict [in the Korean Peninsula]. Do you think there’s any validity to that claim?

The responses were . . . universally negative.

“Hell no, that’s a joke,” one student replied. “What has he done for peace?” Another student said, “I think that’s crap.”

Then Phillips asked the students if Obama deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, which is where the responses got truly funny.

PHILLIPS: Do you feel like President Obama deserved the award when he got it in 2009?


PHILLIPS: What did he do to deserve it?

STUDENT: I…was it for his education – push on education, or was it for the Obamacare?

After listening to similarly ridiculous responses from other students, Phillips finally spoke with someone who asked the right question: “I think if Obama won it, why wouldn’t he [Trump] win it, right? ‘Cause I don’t know why Obama won it. I like Obama, but I don’t think there was any legitimate reason why he should have won it.”