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WATCH: Brave Actresses Want You To Know They’ll Never Date A Trump Supporter

Promoting their new film, My Days Of Mercy, actresses Kate Mara, Ellen Page, and Amy Seimetz sat down with the AV Club to discuss the flick and, of course, President Donald Trump. Both Page and Seimetz made it clear they could never date a Trump supporter.

A brave statement we’re sure will help ticket sales and not alienate half of their potential audience, not to mention foster that unity and tolerance the left always speaks of.

“No. Nope,” Page answered bluntly when asked how she felt about dating a someone who voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

“My family voted for him,” interjected Seimetz. “That’s tough,” she said, “that’s tough.”

The actress explained that some in her family, such as her grandmother, have come to terms with the reality that they were duped into voting for Trump and have since turned on the president.

“My grandma’s flipped,” Seimetz explained. “She did vote for him but she is smart.”

“To ignore the depressed population, or the working class of America, we can’t do that,” she continued. “They were searching for something and they really believed in it, and I think that’s really earnest. But I think in the end, everyone is starting to see what’s happening.”

“So, um, nah, no,” she said of dating a Trump voter. “I don’t think I could get an earful.”

“If you are a Trump supporter — well, at any point because they’ve been saying this the whole time — but by this point, I’m sorry, no,” interjected Page.

MAGA hearts are breaking all around the country.

Mara refrained from joining in on the Trump-bashing in the clip.

Whatever these gals think about Trump supporters, it probably doesn’t serve them well to publicly bash them, let alone as harshly as Page did.

Last month, actress Jennifer Lawrence took a club to Trump supporters while speaking with British media, seemingly blaming Trump voters for triggering Mother Nature’s wrath in the form of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Lawrence’s film mother! has since flopped massively in the theaters and received an extremely rare F-score from viewers, joining less than 20 other films in doing so.


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