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WATCH: Biden Plays With Teeth, Struggles With Gaffes, Gets Slammed Over Memory Problems
Joe Biden
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Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden continued to deal with some of his repeated struggles during the third presidential debate on Thursday night, referring to Bernie Sanders as “president,” stating that people listen to “record players,” making disastrous comments about Iraq, and getting slammed by other candidates over what they suggested was a declining mental state.

During what was perhaps the most awkward moment of the debate, Biden appeared to play with his teeth or what many online suggested were dentures.


Biden, 76, later repeatedly fumbled over his words when talking about the devices that people use to get the news, saying: “Play the radio. Make sure the television — excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone … make sure that kids hear words, a kid coming from a very poor school, a very poor background will hear four-million words fewer spoken by the time they get there.”


The New York Post reported that Biden “hardly got his train of thought back on track by his closing statement, name-dropping 19th-century thinker Kierkegaard when asked to address his greatest professional failure.”

During another moment in the debate, Biden referred to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as “president.”


Perhaps the most disastrous moment for Biden came when he admitted that he and the Obama administration knew that pulling out of Iraq would be a disaster but they decided to do it anyway.

As he stumbled over his words, “We were right to get the combat troops out. The big mistake that was made, which we predicted …” Biden said as he made rambling remarks about ISIS.


Early in the debate, Julian Castro ripped into Biden over his memory problems, saying: “The difference between what I support and what you support, Vice President Biden, is that you require them to opt in, and I would not require them to opt in. They would automatically be enrolled, they wouldn’t have to buy in.”

Biden responded: “You do not have to buy in.”

“Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago,” Castro fired back. “Are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago? I can’t believe that you said two minutes ago that they had to buy in, and now you’re saying they don’t have to — you’re forgetting that.”


Following the debate, Cory Booker also took a shot at Biden’s obvious problems, telling CNN: “I think we are at a tough point right now, because there’s a lot of people concerned about Joe Biden’s ability to carry the ball all the way across the end line without fumbling. And I think that Castro had really legitimate concerns about can he be someone in a long grueling campaign … and has every right to call out.”

“I think there were a lot of moments where a number of us were looking on the stage when he tends to go on sometimes,” Booker continued. “At one point, he was talking about communities like mine listening to record players. I don’t remember the last time I saw a record player … But there are definitely moments where you listen to Joe Biden and you just wonder …”

Even hardcore left-wing analysts on CNN pointed to Biden’s performance and called it “unsteady,” saying he had an “almost deer in the headlights” look.

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