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WATCH: Bernie Releases New Ad With Seven Figure Buy In Iowa

By  Molly Prince
Bernie Sanders speaks during a Chicago Teachers Union Strike Authorization Vote Rally
Laura McDermott/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign, Bernie 2020, released its first television campaign advertisement on Tuesday morning.

“Defeating Trump is not enough. We need leadership that will fight for working families and the shrinking middle class, not just the one percent,” Sanders tweeted while introducing the ad. “That is exactly what I have done my whole life and what I am prepared to do as president.”

The ad, titled “Fight for Us,” portrays the Vermont senator as a fighter willing to take on President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

“Bernie Sanders, fighting to raise wages for American workers, leading the fight for guaranteed health care for all, standing up for civil rights, seniors, veterans, and our children’s future,” a narrator says in the video. “Whether it was Wall Street, the drug companies, or other powerful special interests, Bernie has taken them on for us.”

“Now our country is at a turning point,” the narrator continues. “A dangerous demagogue tearing our nation apart, hardworking people betrayed by Trump, a health care system that makes enormous profits for drug and insurance companies, and a planet on the brink of a climate disaster. In this moment we need a fighter.”

“Bernie Sanders, we know he will fight for us as president because he always has,” the ad concludes.

Sanders’ campaign spent $1.3 million to air both a 30-second and 60-second version of the advertisement in the Hawkeye state over the next two weeks, according to The Hill. While it was released online, it will not hit Iowa voters’ televisions until Thursday, but when it does, it will be aired in every Iowa market.

The ad’s announcement comes just over one week after a poll conducted by Des Moines Register, CNN, and Mediacom showed Sanders slipping to a distant third place in the early voting state of Iowa. The poll has Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gaining momentum and leading the pack at 22%, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 20%, and Sanders lagging the two frontrunners with only 11% support.

However, Sanders revealed earlier on Tuesday that his campaign has generated massive donations during the third quarter. The Vermont senator received more that $25 million over the past three months, raising more than any other Democratic candidate in the 2020 primary thus far.

“Bernie is proud to be the only candidate running to defeat Donald Trump who is 100 percent funded by grassroots donations —  both in the primary and in the general,” Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ campaign manager, said. “Media elites and professional pundits have tried repeatedly to dismiss this campaign, and yet working-class Americans keep saying loudly and clearly that they want a political revolution.”

Accordingly, the average donation size of Sanders’ fundraising haul is reportedly just $18.07. The Bernie 2020 campaign noted that more than 99.9% of those donors had not hit the maximum allowable contribution and can therefore donate more in the future.

Neither Warren nor Biden has reported their fundraising totals for the third quarter and have until October 15 to officially do so.

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