WATCH: Ben Shapiro Succinctly Explains To Student Why Monogamy ‘Is The Best Option’
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Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro on Monday evening succinctly explained his position in favor of monogamy while taking questions from students after giving his speech, titled “Men cannot become women,” at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro campus.

“Why is monogamy as opposed to promiscuity or polyamory the best option?” one college student asked Shapiro.

“Because all societies are built on the healthy bearing and rearing of children,” the “Right Side of History” author answered. “And the most valuable form of bearing and rearing of child is mother and father in the home with the biological child they have sired.”


Shapiro in 2018 underscored the importance of the family unit, particularly the role of fatherhood as fatherlessness continues to spread.

“The social science on the necessity of fatherhood is absolutely clear,” Shapiro wrote. “According to a massive recent Harvard study, the most powerful factor putting young men at risk of criminal behavior and poverty is lack of fathers in the neighborhood—not even fathers in the home, fathers in the neighborhood more generally. A prevalence of responsible men can even help compensate for lack of fathers in the home.”

“And it’s not a coincidence that girls from single-mother homes fare far more poorly than girls from two-parent homes. Girls from homes without a father tend to engage in more sexually risky behavior, with higher rates of drug use and dropping out of school,” he added. “Fathers provide a sense of security to their children, but they also model behavior. For boys, fathers model and teach how to be a protector; for girls, fathers model and teach how men ought to protect them.”

Shapiro took on a host of other students’ questions following his speech, including some concerning so-called “gender identity.” One student notably took to spewing insults at Shapiro after he unsuccessfully tried to point out flaws in the author’s sources. The Daily Wire reported on the exchange:

“I’m a mathematician and physicist, here, a double major, and I also just won the prestigious award in the country to pursue research at any institution I want –” the student prefaced his question.

“Ah, congratulations,” a sincere Shapiro interjected.

“So, I think I’m pretty qualified to say that most of what you’re saying is based on old data,” the student claimed.

“I literally cited a study from last month, but sure,” Shapiro said.

“Like, for example, gender identity disorder, that’s a DSM 4 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), bro. We used the DSM 5, now,” the student said.

“I literally cited the DSM 5 in the speech, and it’s called gender dysphoria,” Shapiro explained, before the student started mimicking him in a mocking voice and said Shapiro “sounds like a bozo, bro.”

The insults continued. “And you get no p**** and can’t even get your wife w**, bro, so what’s good?” the student said, smiling to himself.

After boos were let out by the audience, Shapiro replied, “So, the nice thing about having several small children is I don’t feel the necessity to have my masculinity challenged by someone like you.”

The student, more aggressive now, scolded Shapiro for having a “Western colonial idea of gender.”

“You’re right, men and women don’t exist in any other culture,” Shapiro sarcastically shot back. “You’re right. Nailed it.”

“I’m a mathematician and a physicist!” the frustrated student screamed after the two continued to debate “gender identity.”

“As a mathematician and physicist, what in the hell do you know about human biology that allows you to deny it?” Shapiro questioned, sparking applause.

The student then yelled to Shapiro, “You got your law degree from Harvard! What do you know about biology?”

“One other thing,” Shapiro closed up the exchange, “if your logic is so flawed as a mathematician and physicist, I would suggest that whichever institution gave you an award, revoke it immediately.”

Watch the entire speech below:

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