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WATCH: Authorities Release The 911 Recording That Jacob Blake’s Ex-Girlfriend Made To Police
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN - JANUARY 05: Kenosha County Courthouse District Attorney Michael Graveley announces no charges would be filed against Police Officer Rusten Sheskey for the shooting of Jacob Blake on January 05, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Sheskey shot Jacob Blake 7 times in the back during an incident over the summer which led to several days of rioting and unrest in the city.
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Kenosha District Attorney Michael Gravely played an audio recording on Tuesday of the 911 call that Jacob Blake’s ex-girlfriend, Laquisha Booker, made to the police last year during a domestic dispute the led to Blake being shot by law enforcement.

The recording was released during a press conference where Gravely announced that no charges would be filed against any of the police officers involved in the incident. Gravely also debunked the false claim promoted by left-wing activists and media organizations that Blake was “unarmed” during the incident.

“Laquisha Booker called the police,” Gravely said. “She reported that Jacob Blake would not give her back the keys to her rental vehicle and she was afraid he was going to take that vehicle and crash it. She reported he had done that before. So now police know there’s a vehicle in dispute, Jacob Blake already has the keys, and the concern is will he crash that vehicle in an effort to leave.”

In the recording, Booker said:

Yes, um, I need an officer to 2805 40th Street unit D … Jacob Blake is here and he has the keys to a rental that I purchased that I need to take back and he’s not trying to release it and on top of that he’s not supposed to be here. Today is his son’s birthday so I allowed him to spend a couple hours with him but he’s not giving me the keys to this rental and that’s all I’m asking for. I never would have called you guys. I promise you I tried to keep from calling you guys. He’s crashed numerous of my vehicles in the past and I literally just bought one, like yesterday, and so just because he heard some false information he’s not willing to give me the keys to this car that doesn’t even belong to me. Me and my sisters just saw him skirt off in it and turn around and come back so I need you guys to come and, I need these keys.

The dispatcher asked Booker if Blake was there at that exact moment, to which Booker replied that he was and that he was trying to “kiss his kids so he can hurry up and leave.”

“He was here just talking all types of crazy and now he’s walking off, now he’s getting ready to leave,” Booker said, later adding that she thought that Blake was “probably about to go crash it.”

At the end of the recording, Booker can be heard yelling at someone, “shut the f*** up, b****.”


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