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WATCH: ‘Auntie Maxine’ Waters ‘Tweet-A-Thon’ For Millennials Doesn’t Go As Planned

Hey, millennials, are you ready for an “Auntie Maxine Meet & Greet Tweet-a-thon” that will help “amplify” the voice of “our fearless champion in Congress”?! No? Well, don’t feel bad, none of your peers are either.

The famously outspoken Democratic congresswoman’s huge two-hour “tweet-a-thon” event on Sunday mustered just ten of the coveted millennial “social media influencers” she was hoping to fill the room with, and the response online was likely not the kind of “influence” she was hoping to create.

Here’s the almost parody-level advertisement for the event, which celebrates the “fearless champion” in over-the-top terms and paints the picture of an event that will help shape the discourse on social media:

But as the American Mirror points out, the event wasn’t as game-changing as the organizers intended.

Instead of a packed room of Waters fans getting a chance to thank the congresswoman for teaching them about “reclaiming” their time, the event had an unintentionally intimate atmosphere with a tiny number of participants surrounded by a whole lot of conspicuously empty seats.

And instead of celebrating her great legacy, most of the time was spent griping about what’s wrong with America (Hint: It’s the Republicans and the eminently impeachable Donald Trump…):

The response online was not what her campaign had worked so hard to generate either. A few examples of some of the blowback:

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