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WATCH: Antifa Tries To Attack Activist Lauren Southern, Gets Clobbered By Security Instead

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Friday night in Australia, an “anti-fascist” protester rushed the stage in attempt to attack Canadian right-wing commentator and activist Lauren Southern, but was instead scooped up by security guards and carried off the premises.

The aggressor, later identified as Nita Habibi, is seen in captured video footage (see below) being restrained by security guards and removed from the venue while repeatedly shouting, “I love refugees” and “I love Muslims.”

“I love free speech,” Habibi told The Australian following her thwarted attack on Southern. “I wanted to interrupt the thing. I think it’s really dangerous what’s happening. Hate speech should be interrupted.”

In an issued statement, Habibi claimed Southern “spouts an extremely Islamophobic rhetoric that is nothing short of hate speech. She is a dangerous individual whose false views on Muslims stir up polarisation and violence. We have come here tonight to peacefully object to the promotion of hate.”

As for Southern, she remains unimpressed by the efforts to silence her. “Hundreds of protestors and some screaming lady is not going to stop me and patriotic Australians speaking the truth,” she told The Daily Wire following the event.

The young activist was kicking off a speaking tour in Melbourne with fellow commentator Stefan Molyneux. The night’s event was set to start with a screening of “Farmlands,” a documentary exploring racial persecution in South Africa, and end with speeches from both activists.

The duo was reportedly met by hundreds of “anti-fascist” protesters outside the convention center in anticipation of their event. “At least one protester has been arrested by police, who have used pepper spray during the clash,” reports The Australian. Officers manning the event were equipped with riot gear and were greeted by Antifa’s “f*** off” chants.

At least four other protesters apparently made it into the event:

According to The Australian, Antifa members were targeting event attendees at an earlier gathering at Broadmeadow’s station; “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” protesters with megaphones “urged onlookers to let the departing buses know what they thought of them.”

“Organisers later altered the bus route to get the final two bus loads of passengers in from the south, while riot police held protesters off about a kilometre away on the Hume Highway,” says the report.


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