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WATCH: Ami Horowitz Speaks With Senior Hamas Leader In Wild Interview

In a never-before-released interview, journalist and activist filmmaker Ami Horowitz journeys to the West Bank to meet with a high-ranking Hamas leader to ask him about female jihadists, the Palestinians’ mission of “redeeming” all of Israel, and what a man like him does to “relax.”

After working through “several layers” of contacts to finally land a meeting, Horowitz traveled to Qalqilya in the West Bank to meet with Abdul Rahman Zedain, the Northern West Bank Commander of the terrorist organization Hamas. Horowitz told The Daily Wire that his contacts said Zedain spends most of his life “underground” because he is a wanted man, and is rumored to be behind the horrific Passover Massacre in Netanya that killed 30 people.

On the drive into Qalqilya, Horowitz asks his driver if where he is going is “really dangerous.” His guide answers, “No, no, no,” then adds for clarification, “A little bit.” As the two approach the place where the commander is residing, the guide tells Horowitz, “Please, whatever you do, don’t say you’re Jewish.” Horowitz doesn’t comply.

After revealing that he’s Jewish to Zedain’s apparent consternation, Horowitz tries to ease the tension by asking the military leader what he does to “relax,” to which Zedain replies, “I am a devout Muslim.”

“No alcohol? No Cubano sandwiches?” Horowitz asks, with his characteristic wry humor. Getting another clear no, Horowitz moves on to the issue of women’s rights in Gaza, asking if the situation is “as bad as people say?”

“I don’t think there is a problem with women in Gaza, or for women in Gaza,” Zedain replies. “Why do we feel uneasy about having a dress-code for women?”

Horowitz replies by joking that it’s no different than a restaurant posting a sign that says “No shoes, no shirt, no service,” a comment with which the Hamas leader wholeheartedly agrees. “There is no difference,” says Zedain.

“Is the fact that there are women suicide bombers almost like a victory for women Palestinian rights?” Horowitz asks sarcastically.

“Yes,” says the Hamas leader with no hint of irony. “That’s the feeling of the women. They’re ego was high when that happened.”

“When a suicide bomber goes to heaven, he gets 70 virgins as a gift,” notes Horowitz. “What do women get when they go there?”

“The woman gets the husband,” Zedain explains. “She doesn’t get 70 husbands.”

Horowitz then pivots to talking about Palestine, asking if it includes all of Israel in the Palestinians’ view. “As the Bible says, this land is called Palestine,” says Zedain.

“Would abandoning any part of Palestine ultimately be a breach in the promise made between Allah and the Muslim people?” asks Horowitz.

“You’re talking about abandoning your rights. Why abandoned your rights?” Zedain replies. “There is no way you can abandon part of your home willingly. It belongs to all the Muslims. We’re talking about the Holy Land here. It belongs to every Muslim in the world.”

Horowitz then asks if it’s the duty of all Muslims to redeem the land through jihad. “It is the duty of every Muslim, not only Palestinian, to redeem this land,” says Zedain.

“Is there any way for you to redeem Palestine other than jihad?” asks Horowitz.

“There are no alternatives in the world,” says Zedain. “Either you let me get my rights by peaceful means, which is not happening …”

The final topic is the lack of support for Palestinians from the more wealthy Muslim countries, which Horowitz contrasts with the widespread support among Jews around the world for Israel. Zedain explains the phenomenon by saying that the Jews are much smaller in number and thus more united. The commander also makes clear that he sees all supporters of Israel as people who are “contributing to my suffering.”

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