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WATCH: Alyssa Milano Pounds On Senate Office With Enraged Anti-Kavanaugh Mob

Far-left actress Alyssa Milano paraded around a mob of anti-Kavanaugh activists on Wednesday and began pounding on the door of Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) while shouting, “open the door, hear the stories!” about women who survived sexual assault.

The goal of these #Womentowomen protests was about potentially persuading female backers of President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh into withdrawing their support. Hyde-Smith’s staff reportedly granted them no such hearing, according to one protester.

“[Hyde-Smith’s staff] seemed to be smirking and on their phones and they then just went back into their office and closed the door,” says a protester in the video. “And the gentleman who said he was going to find out just sort of snuck in and grabbed something and left.”

Alyssa Milano led the women in several different chants: “Open the door! Hear the stories!” and “Open your heart! Hear the stories!” were the most popular.

When the protesters were not pounding on the door, some of them took turns sharing heartfelt stories of sexual abuse they claim to have experienced.

“No more silence,” one woman said, prompting repeats from the others. “No more predators on the Supreme Court. No more. Never again!”

The chanting and pounding on the senator’s door begins at the 35-minute mark in the video below:

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