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WATCH: Alex Jones Loses His Mind. Again.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Totally sane don’t-drink-the-fluoride Alex Jones of Info Wars decided to sell vitamins on air the old fashion way: by losing his mind, removing his shirt and nonsensically screaming into the camera. This is otherwise known as Tuesday for Mr. Jones.

In the video clip, Jones is supposedly “acting” like a “liberal”—which, to him, apparently means vaccinating your children and drinking tap water—before introducing the vitamins he wishes to sell.

What in the living hell did I just watch?

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) October 10, 2016

“I’m feeling powerful right now,” says Jones, unbuttoning his shirt. “You are going to submit to us; our town of liberalism is here! You drink that fluoride,” he groans.

“You take those vaccines! Donald Trump says vaccines might be dangerous,” he yells, throwing his shirt to the ground, “because one of his kids got hurt.”

Then full meltdown-mode kicks in: “Shut up! You don’t have free speech, you understand!” he yells. “You listen to me, we rule this country now. I’m liberal! Screw him! Ban his free speech right now, ban it!”

Jones then calmly plugs his vitamin, suggesting listeners visit his website.

Twitter reacted accordingly.

Jones has never been viewed as the sane type, so this clip only scores a six on the ten-point Alex Jones Crazy Spectrum. The Info Wars head is a notable 911 Truther; he’s explained that vaccinations cause autism; he’s suggested that Fluoride is added to the water by our government to poison us; he’s said Hillary Clinton likely has Parkinson’s disease. He also frequently flips out on-air for ratings…

And has a habit of showing off that bare chest… (You’re welcome, ladies.)

The known conspiracy theory master is no longer fringe, though. The rise of the populist with an inclination for conspiracy theories (Bush lied, People Died-type nonsense) Donald Trump, and Breitbart News’ allegiance to him, have evaluated Jones to the mainstream.

Just another perk of this fantastic election!

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