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WaPo’s Cillizza Blames Trump for Discrediting Media — 66 Reasons He’s a Lying Fool

By  John Nolte

Other than CNN’s Jake Tapper, I can’t think of anyone who has made a bigger jackass of himself in 2016 than the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza. On top of the fact that he finds himself absolutely adorable, this is the same “objective” journalist who imperiously declared Hillary Clinton healthy (two days before she collapsed) and openly mocked Donald Trump over his claim about a faulty debate microphone (two days before we learned it was indeed faulty). Going for the Trifecta of Jackassery, Cillizza is now warning us about “Trump’s Very Dangerous Strategy to Discredit the Media.”

To fully appreciate Cillizza’s demagogic fear-mongering, you must turn off all the lights, put a flashlight under your chin, and speak that headline out loud.

Cillizza knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Other than this piece of sanctimony … “A country without any independent arbiters of facts and truth is a place in which the possibility of civil discourse is impossible.” … he doesn’t even have an argument. Basically, the piece was written only to seek favor among his reactionary (and hopelessly neurotic) colleagues, that sad little tribe of left-wing liars who can feel their relevance draining by the day.

Cillizza also, and quite intentionally, ignores all the hard work his tribe has done over the decades to forever destroy their own credibility. The idea that Trump represents a danger to something that vanished long ago is about as anti-science as it gets.

Let me explain a little something to Mr. Cillizza about media credibility:

1. Donald Trump didn’t lie to me about keeping my health insurance under ObamaCare. The media did.

2. Donald Trump didn’t tell me the IRS wasn’t persecuting the Tea Party. The media did.

3. Donald Trump didn’t tell me New York City would be underwater by now. The media did.

4. Donald Trump didn’t lie to me for six years about Obamanomics Prosperity being just around the corner. The media did.

5. Donald Trump didn’t demand I believe Hillary was healthy. You did.

6. Donald Trump didn’t lie to me about George Zimmerman being white. The media did.

7. Donald Trump didn’t tell me Michael Brown was a “Gentle Giant.” The media did.

8. Donald Trump doesn’t mock my faith. The media does.

9. Donald Trump doesn’t smear me as racist for opposing illegal immigration. The media does.

10. Donald Trump doesn’t openly call for riots in black neighborhoods. The media does.

11. Donald Trump didn’t cover up Hillary’s role in birthing Birtherism. The media did.

12. Donald Trump isn’t secretly attempting to disarm me. The media is.

13. Donald Trump doesn’t justify political violence in black communities. The media does.

14. Donald Trump didn’t blame Republicans for violence against Republicans. The media did.

15. Donald Trump didn’t fabricate evidence against an innocent man. The media did.

16. Donald Trump didn’t alter a 911 call to frame an innocent man. The media did.

17. Donald Trump didn’t invent calls for Obama’s murder at a Republican rally. The media did.

18. Donald Trump didn’t fabricate the N-word at a Tea Party rally. The media did.

19. Donald Trump didn’t try to scare me about Super Hurricanes that never came. The media did.

20. Donald Trump didn’t turn a good faith search to hire women into sexism. The media did.

21. Donald Trump didn’t turn a 50-year-old haircut into a false charge of homophobia. The media did.

22. Donald Trump didn’t turn a 30-year-old rock owned by someone else into racism. The media did.

23. Donald Trump didn’t tell me Obama’s lies about the Iran deal were true. The media did.

24. Donald Trump didn’t help spread Obama’s lies about domestic State surveillance. The media did.

25. Donald Trump’s name isn’t all over WikiLeaks as surrogates eager to spin, lie, and edit. Yours are.

26. Donald Trump didn’t give Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance. The media did.

27. Donald Trump didn’t falsely blame Republicans for a train crash. The media did.

28. Donald Trump didn’t hide his donations to the Clinton Foundation. The media did.

29. Donald Trump didn’t lie about floating dead bodies in New Orleans. The media did.

30. Donald Trump didn’t lie about cannibalism, rape and murder in the Superdome. The media did.

31. Donald Trump didn’t spend two years smearing the Redskins as racist before asking Indians their opinion on the matter. The media did.

32. Donald Trump didn’t relentlessly persecute Tim Tebow over his faith. The media did.

33. Donald Trump didn’t ask the public to enjoy audio of Bristol Palin reporting an assault. The media did.

34. Donald Trump didn’t cover up video of Obama showing off his erection in front of the entire press corps. The media did.

35. Donald Trump didn’t report forged National Guard documents as real. The media did.

36. Donald Trump didn’t lie to me about rising crime. The media did.

37. Donald Trump doesn’t sit in air conditioning and shame me over my use of air conditioning. The media does.

38. Donald Trump didn’t try to fool me by rigging a truck to explode. The media did.

39. Donald Trump didn’t try to cover up the story of a sitting president having an adulterous affair with a 21 year-old subordinate in the Oval Office. The media did.

40. Donald Trump didn’t ignore Saddam Hussein’s human rights atrocities in exchange for access. The media did.

41. Donald Trump didn’t allow Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass to publish false story after false story. The media did.

42. Donald Trump didn’t publish phony photos of American troops raping Iraqi women. The media did.

43. Donald Trump isn’t vetting a private citizen while hiding the Obama-Khalidi video. The media is.

44. Donald Trump isn’t sitting on video of a rape victim accusing Hillary of smearing her. The media is.

45. Donald Trump didn’t edit a black Tea Partier into a white man. The media did.

46. Donald Trump didn’t spend 10 days blaming Sarah Pain for a mass-shooting. The media did.

47. Donald Trump didn’t blame the Tea Party for a movie theatre shooting. The media did.

48. Donald Trump didn’t intentionally mis-edit Mitt Romney to make him look like a fool. The media did.

49. Donald Trump didn’t mock Mitt Romney’s grandchild for being black. The media did.

50. Donald Trump didn’t lie during a presidential debate to protect Obama. The media did.

51. Donald Trump didn’t falsely accuse a gun-rights advocate of heckling a Sandy Hook parent. The media did.

52. Donald Trump didn’t destroy Benny Johnson and then let Fareed Zakaria’s off the hook. The media did.

53. Donald Trump didn’t falsely accuse Republicans of heckling a Muslim woman. The media did.

54. Donald Trump didn’t violate his Ebola quarantine to buy soup. The media did.

55. Donald Trump didn’t falsely accuse a fraternity of a gang rape. The media did.

56. Donald Trump didn’t intentionally misquote George W. Bush. The media did.

57. Donald Trump didn’t operate a secret club to elect Barack Obama. The media did.

58. Donald Trump didn’t falsely edit Rick Perry into a racist. The media did.

59. Donald Trump didn’t say that Romney likes to see black people drown. The media did.

60. Donald Trump didn’t call on someone to shit in Sarah Palin’s mouth. The media did.

61. Donald Trump didn’t violate the law to demagogue for gun control. The media did.

62. Donald Trump didn’t start a riot in a black neighborhood by spreading a lie. The media did.

63. Donald Trump didn’t call Carly Fiorina a liar for telling the truth. The media did.

64. Donald Trump didn’t call Romney a liar for telling the truth. The media did.

65. Donald Trump doesn’t claim to be objective and then contribute 96% of his money to Hillary Clinton. The media does.

66. Donald Trump isn’t blaming Donald Trump for discrediting a media that has spent years discrediting itself. This anti-science dumbass is.

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