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WaPo Headline Dings Trump For Installing Golf Simulator. There’s More To The Story.

Honestly, the whole story is a big “who cares,” but leave it to the left-wing media to produce a headline and social media post that makes things seem more sinister than they are.

Wednesday afternoon, The Washington Post wrote an article titled “President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House.”

Whoa, what? How dare he change the White House and install a game to ignore doing presidential things (even though so many at the Post and others hate when he does those presidential things).

Except, this wasn’t much of a story at all. Trump’s room-sized “golf simulator” simply replaced a cheaper model installed by President Barack Obama. And the system — which cost $50,000 — was paid for personally by Trump. Oh, and he hasn’t even used it since it was installed.

Nevertheless, the Post spent the rest of the article talking about Trump playing golf. This is definitely okay, since Trump and Republicans constantly complained about Obama playing golf after Democrats mocked President George W. Bush for playing golf. Bush gave up the game shortly into his presidency, which obviously meant nothing to the Left.

Trump also appears to play more physical golf than Obama did, averaging 70 games a year to Obama’s 38, according to Golf Digest. The Post, however, could not find data on how much virtual golf Obama played.

The White House has a long history of renovations, including recreational activities installed by presidents.

President Theodore Roosevelt had the White House renovated to update the lighting from gas to electric. He also installed a new elevator and a tennis court, rebuilt the East Terrace and removed a staircase from the State Dining Room, according to the White House Historical Association.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had an indoor swimming pool installed. President Gerald Ford had an outdoor swimming pool installed. President Richard Nixon built a single-lane bowling alley.

Obama modified the tennis court to also allow for basketball.

Trump did stop playing golf for 69 days before and during the government shutdown (how nice of him), but he apparently complained to friends that he missed playing golf in Florida at his Mar-a-Lago resort, according to the Post.

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