WALSH: Why Sexist Deadbeat Men Love Abortion


The Daily Wire has a report about an interesting case in upstate New York this week. A woman attempted to take an Uber to her appointment for an abortion but the driver refused to complete the trip. Once he learned where she was headed, he attempted to talk her out of the decision. When that failed, he declined to go any further, offering instead to bring her back home. She elected to be dropped off halfway, where she eventually summoned a cab and made it to the appointment just in time to kill her baby.

The heroic driver has since been fired. The woman is contemplating filing a lawsuit. It is a fascinating case from a moral and legal perspective, but I took special note of this portion of the story:

The woman said she finally got ahold of her boyfriend, who advised her to call the clinic and inform them she’d be late. (What a great guy.)

“I got out of the car and immediately started crying,” the student wrote. “I called my parents each three times but they didn’t pick up. Then I called my boyfriend and he picked up right away. He managed to calm me down and told me to let the clinic know what was happening and to call some local cab companies.”

The driver then “hung around for about 10-15 minutes and asked once more if I wanted to go back with him,” she said, but noted that she “declined.”

The boyfriend, it would seem, was quite eager for the young woman to kill what was presumably his child. He “calmed her down” and helpfully recommended that she notify the clinic of her tardiness and hail a cab. This appears to be the extent of his involvement that morning. I take note of this fact because it is rather typical. Deadbeat men impregnate women and wash their hands of the situation. They won’t defend and protect the child they created, nor will they burden themselves by becoming actively involved in the process of “termination.” They play the role of Pilate, leaving the dirty work to others, while benefiting from the results.

This is what feminists miss. They claim that the pro-life movement is run by sexist men, but the exact opposite is the case. Selfish, sexist, deadbeat, loser men love abortion.

The last place a man of this sort will ever find himself is a pro-life rally. Abortion is, for him, a wonderful gift because it enables him to use women for sexual pleasure without long term consequence. Abortion is the greatest thing that ever happened to men who wish to use, exploit, abuse, and manipulate women. Perhaps we see why Roe v Wade was decided by seven men and why a preponderance of abortion doctors are men.

On the other hand, men gain nothing from opposing abortion. Those of us in the pro-life ranks stand here simply because we believe it is wrong to kill innocent babies. We are not in line to gain any practical advantage whatsoever from this position. It does not make our lives easier. It does not profit us. We stand solely on ethical grounds. The same can be said for pro-life women. We are against abortion because we think abortion is wrong. What ulterior motive could we possibly have?

It is easy to see the ulterior motives of pro-abortion men. For them, cheap and easy sex is in the offering. For pro-abortion women, convenience and financial security is part of the point or the entire point of their stance. I suppose someone from that camp would say that our real aim is to “control women’s bodies.” But if pro-lifers are interested in controlling women’s bodies, you’d think you would see evidence of this desire beyond the abortion issue.

Fundamentalist Muslim men wish to control women’s bodies, so they force women to walk around in burlap sacks and prevent them from exercising any agency over their own lives. Pro-lifers do not advocate for such things. We generally say that women should be able to wear, say, and do what they want within the law. And they should have full legal equality. Our only sticking point is that they shouldn’t kill babies, which is a standard we apply equally to both genders. You can disagree with our opinion on this subject, but no honest and rational person can say that we are trying to control anyone’s body. Our whole point is that there is another body — the child’s body — which deserves not to be destroyed. That is really the sum total of our position. There is no sexist conspiracy here. If you’re looking for that, you must look to the pro-abortion ranks.