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WALSH: Why I’m Not Cancelling My Thanksgiving Plans

This week many of our nation’s most dangerous fugitives will meet in their localized criminal cells to share in an illicit meal and plot to destroy human civilization. That second part is, admittedly, speculation. As for the rest, the media, along with various governors across the country and our trusted public health authorities, have made it clear that anyone who gathers with their family for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year is engaging in something approaching biological terrorism.

Warnings have been issued, with dramatic flare, to keep our Thanksgiving celebrations relegated to our immediate households. “Eat all of your mashed potatoes by yourself,” one MSNBC talking head urges. “What you really don’t want is for your next family event to be a funeral,” says another, laying it on especially thick.

Some states have banned private gatherings of more than ten people, pretending that every home in America is the same size and has the same capacity. Governor Cuomo, author of one of these bans, says that if you love your family, you’ll stay away from them. As per usual, Cuomo was not planning to follow his own advice. He had invited his 89-year-old mother to his home for Thanksgiving — apparently he doesn’t love her, at least according to his own logic — but reversed course after the public noticed and pointed out the hypocrisy. 

Meanwhile, the CDC has issued its own guidelines, recommending that everyone wear a mask. Presumably you would take the mask off to eat, at least, though perhaps you could keep it on and attempt to absorb your food through a process of osmosis. The CDC also asks that we keep our music down and talking to a minimum, lecturing the public like chaperones on a middle school field trip.

Yet in spite of all of these laws, rules, prohibitions, pleadings, and warnings, a significant portion of Americans are still going about their Thanksgiving business as usual. More than 3 million people traveled by plane this past weekend in the lead up to the holiday. Polls show that the media fear-mongering has successfully convinced many to forgo or modify their plans, but that millions of others will still be seeing their families. I will be in this latter group. And although I resent the idea that gathering with my own family for a meal should require any defense at all, I will give one nonetheless. Here is why, in spite of the risk — however mild or severe it might be — I will still be celebrating with my family. Three reasons, and they’re very simple:

1. I don’t care what anyone in the media or politicians says or thinks on the subject of Thanksgiving, or any other subject for that matter. The panic porn fails to make an impact with me and so many others because it is being pushed by political figures who have thoroughly discredited themselves. Lockdown governors and mayors attend birthday parties and dine maskless at restaurants while condemning or banning the same behavior from citizens. BLM radicals riot in the street. Democrats dance in celebration. These activities are condoned, even encouraged, by the people now telling us that the only safe way to observe Thanksgiving is to sit alone at our empty table gorging on a family size portion of mashed potatoes. Why should anything these people say matter? Why should I pay it any mind? 

Consider, also, that Walmarts and Targets and other big box retailers will be open for Black Friday shopping the day after Thanksgiving, as they have been open throughout the entire COVID crisis. And it is on this basis that the lockdowns have transferred billions of dollars from small businesses to these mega corporations. But what really makes Walmart “safe” is that it is a rich, powerful, and well-connected company. It exerts its influence with those who make the rules in ways that your local shops on Main Street cannot. So, your local shops on Main Street are destroyed while Walmart, Amazon, and others feast on their carcasses. This is a process that has been going on for many decades, but the lockdowns have accelerated it to a staggering and catastrophic degree.

2. I am an adult capable of evaluating risk and making informed choices. All of the COVID rules have rested on the premise that America is a land of children who cannot be trusted to act with any semblance of maturity or discernment. It may indeed be true that a certain unfortunately large portion of Americans actually can be described that way. A lot of them work in DC. Quite a few reside in governor’s mansions. But I know that I am not one of them. I know that, although I may not be able to say much else for myself, I am at least an adult with common sense. The whole point of being American, and being free, is that we are not one collective whole but rather individuals with individual liberty.

It is true that if you are sick, you should stay home. And if you are not capable of practicing basic hygiene, you should stay home. And if you don’t know how to cough into your sleeve, rather than someone’s face, you should stay home. The Powers That Be lump us all into this category of clueless incompetents and restrict us accordingly. But many of us are actual grown ups and are capable of going about our lives while taking reasonable precautions.

3. All of the above is academic. The only thing that should really need to be said is that the government has no authority to tell me who can be in my house, or whether I can be in someone else’s house. I do not respect the authority the government pretends to have on this front, just as I don’t trust its guidelines or its experts. It’s sad that it has come to this, but you get the trust and respect you have earned. For the media and the government pushing COVID restrictions, that amount is none. So, all that is left is to eat, drink, and have a happy Thanksgiving. And that’s what I intend to do.

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