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WALSH: The School System Corrupts And Sexualizes Our Children And Calls It ‘Sex Ed’

By  Matt Walsh

I would be remiss if I didn’t lend my public support to the Sex Ed Sit Out planned for next Monday. Parents across the country will be keeping their children home from school to protest the insane, pornographic, morally debased propaganda that passes for “sex ed” these days. It’s about time that parents took a stand against this madness. My only problem with the sit-out is that it’s too short. It should be longer. It should be permanent. But this is a good first step.

No age group is safe anymore. The public schools begin brainwashing children with left-wing gender theory in elementary school. The indoctrination, in some cases, starts as early as kindergarten. As the students grow older, the “sex ed” gets progressively more graphic and downright disturbing, as children are not so much educated as groomed. The schools will work with Planned Parenthood to hand out condoms to the kids and teach them about bondage and vibrators and oral sex and masturbation and so on.

Sex should be a subject covered in science class, and it should go no further than simply explaining how human reproduction works. All of the rest of this — the lessons on “gender identity,” the free condoms, the discussion of masturbation and oral sex — is ideological. The schools want our kids to be the sort of people who indulge their sexual urges freely and openly, without regard to oppressive notions of morality and human dignity. The deviants who develop these courses believe that hedonism is the path to fulfillment. That is the primary message they seek to communicate through their “sex ed” curriculum. It is not actually a sex ed curriculum at all, it turns out. It is more like a philosophy curriculum. A really deranged philosophy curriculum meant to teach a really deranged philosophy.

We need not discuss the merits of this deranged philosophy. The point is simply that it is a philosophy and government schools should not be in the business of indoctrinating children into any philosophy, particularly a deranged one. It may be a teacher’s job to teach anatomy or biology, but it is not her job to give a sermon on her personal views about human sexuality and the proper context for its expression. She may hold the conviction that sex is an acceptable form of recreation for a 14-year-old, but her convictions — especially one so fantastically weird and creepy — have no place in the classroom.

See, the Left breathlessly insists upon the “separation of church and state” but that is only because it wants to clear the deck so that the religious doctrines of its own church may dominate. “Gender fluidity” is doctrine, not science. “Safe sex is better than abstinence” is doctrine. “Masturbation is healthy and natural” is doctrine. “Kids ought to be encouraged to sexually explore themselves and each other” is doctrine. It is fine to teach these doctrines during Sunday school at the local satanic temple, but they have no place in the public education system.

But, in spite of my protests and yours, schools are only getting more and more doctrinal with each passing day. Even those things that used to be simple facts — that boys have penises and girls have vaginas, for example — have now been subsumed by doctrine. In the past I have said that the schools ought only to teach the “what” of sex, while the “when,” “why,” and “how,” are left to parents. But our public education system has descended too deeply into the madness of progressivism to even cover the “what” anymore. It cannot be trusted at all, with anything. So, yes, keep your kids home on Monday. And never send them back.

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