WALSH: ‘Roseanne’ Is Obnoxious Left-Wing Garbage


I agree with Ben Shapiro’s analysis of ‘Roseanne.’ The show is leftist garbage (my words, not his). It was during its original run, back when it promoted abortion and gay marriage and normalized drug abuse. And it is now, in its new iteration, with a cross-dressing nine-year-old and a character running around preaching, “My body, my choice.” It’s not only left-wing but radically left-wing. This is no surprise. It airs on ABC, which is the most progressive network on TV.

Yet this show, which pushed abortion talking points and left wing gender ideology in the very first episode, is being hailed by conservatives as a victory for their cause. Why? Because Roseanne likes Trump. This is what the conservative movement has become. Trump is the only litmus test. All that matters is what a person thinks of Trump. It doesn’t matter if a show promotes cross dressing and abortion, as long as it also promotes Trump.

Of course, that’s not what defenders of the show will say. They will say that ‘Roseanne’ is a “realistic portrayal of a normal family.” Is it? How many normal blue collar families feature a young boy in women’s clothing and a woman becoming a surrogate with her own eggs? If I take a drive to Normalville, Ohio, how many prepubescent boys in drag will I find?

No, this is what Hollywood wants a normal family to be. That is the whole reason why they include these kinds of storylines: to normalize them. This is hardly the first time they’ve made the attempt, but generally conservatives will be repulsed by a show with such an obvious agenda. Unless it panders to Trump fans, apparently.

Maybe Hollywood has now figured out the secret. They can get us to guzzle down their propaganda as long as they sprinkle a little pro-Trump seasoning on top. We should think twice before celebrating this development.

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