WALSH: The Party Of Evil


Democrats have long since hit the bottom of the barrel in their attempts to smear Brett Kavanaugh. Now they’ve busted through the bottom and are furiously digging into the dirt. Last night, they presented the latest Kavanaugh scandal: his yearbook. Apparently Kavanaugh wrote something rude in his 12th grade yearbook. This is supposed to have some sort of significance, though nobody can quite explain why.

Meanwhile, Christine Ford is raising new “concerns” about the hearing that has already been pushed back and adjusted multiple times to accommodate her every whim and desire. It’s becoming increasingly likely that no hearing will ever take place or was ever going to take place. This has all been a cynical delay tactic by Democrats. Besides, they’ve declared that they believe both of Kavanaugh’s accusers. What’s the point of a hearing if Kavanaugh has already been convicted as a sex predator?

Michael Avenatti says that Kavanaugh was the ringleader of a roving band of gang rapists, and he can prove it. Well, he was going to prove it, but now he might not. But, again, why prove it? All Democrats have to do is make the accusation. Evidence, witnesses, corroboration — these are irrelevant details. They certainly are irrelevant to the far left mobs who are accosting Republican politicians and chasing them out of restaurants. Democrats have given up even the pretense of honesty or discernment. They have plunged headfirst into outright nihilism.

And why? Why are Democrats disgracing themselves with such reckless abandon? Well, it’s no coincidence that Supreme Court nominations became this sort of feeding frenzy after Roe v. Wade. This is about many things, but it is mostly about protecting their right to kill babies. Whatever Brett Kavanaugh did or didn’t do in high school or college, the real crime he committed — the only crime Democrats care about — is his failure to bow before the blood-soaked altar of the abortion industry.

It is important to keep this in mind as we watch the spectacle. Democrats are primarily upset that Kavanaugh might help prevent the continued systematic slaughter of children. If Kavanaugh was in favor of killing babies, they wouldn’t care if he was an admitted serial rapist. If Kavanaugh had the “right” view on abortion, he could have brutally raped a woman in a hotel room and left her bruised and bleeding. He could have driven off a bridge with a woman in the car and left her there to die a slow and agonizing death. He could be guilty of anything at all, and they would not only look the other way but descend upon his accusers and destroy them.

The Democrat Party is untethered from any traditional notions of morality or human decency. Its primary mission is to protect and preserve an industry that makes billions of dollars murdering millions of babies. Just as its primary mission 150 years ago was to protect and preserve an industry that dehumanized people in a similar way. It is the Devil’s own party, and has been for a very long time. So, we should not be shocked at the things it does or the depths to which it sinks.

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