WALSH: Kavanaugh Has Suffered Enough. End This Disgusting, Despicable Charade And Confirm Him.


We have now heard from both the accuser and the accused in sworn testimony before a Senate committee. Both delivered emotional, compelling, credible opening statements. Only one presented any evidence. Only one has witnesses backing him up. Only one has already been vetted by the FBI six times. Only one, Judge Kavanaugh, has given us any objective reason whatsoever to believe him.

On an emotional level, Kavanaugh behaved exactly as an innocent man would and should behave after being dragged through the mud and slandered by political con artists. He was angry, defiant, indignant. He went on the offensive. He did not suffer the Democrat fools and he did not sit back politely while they continued the character assassination right to his face, with his wife and parents sitting behind him.

In my view, even better than Kavanaugh’s gripping opening statement was the contentious, almost flippant, way that he handled the disingenuous and embarrassing line of questioning from Democrats. Again, that is exactly how an innocent man would act when vulgar yearbook scribblings and inside jokes from his teenaged years are being used to paint him as a serial gang rapist. An innocent man would scoff at the stupidity of it and heap scorn on the snakes who are playing that sort of game against him. This is exactly what Judge Kavanaugh did.

But this situation cannot be evaluated emotionally. Christine Ford had her own emotional moments, so if the case is being decided that way, it’s a wash. The really important thing is evidence. As far as that goes, Ford presented none. She has no material evidence. No witnesses. And she can provide very few details from the night in question. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, had material evidence in the form of his 1982 calendars. He had witnesses to refute the allegations against him. And he could provide many details about his activities during the time in question. They say it’s impossible to prove a negative. A man cannot prove that he didn’t do something. Well, Brett Kavanaugh came about as close to proving a negative as anyone ever could.

We are left, then, with two options: Either one of these people, Kavanaugh or Ford, are sociopathic liars who can cry on cue and summon very convincing but fake emotions on live television, or both are telling the truth as they see it. If it’s the second option, it would mean that Christine Ford is simply mistaken. If I had to guess, I’d say that second option is the correct one. But if we are going to call one of these people liars, I don’t see how we can hang that label on the one who actually has evidence and witnesses to back him up.

So, there is nothing else to be said. Judge Kavanaugh has been run through the gauntlet and subjected to the worst smear campaign in American political history. The truly evil Democrat Party has thrown everything it possible can at him, with no regard for truth or basic human decency, and yet he still is standing. If anyone has ever earned a job, Kavanaugh has earned this one. He should be confirmed immediately. And if any cowardly Republican votes against him, that Republican should be voted out of office and ostracized and shamed for the rest of their natural life.

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