WALSH: The Left Must Keep Its Bizarre Religious Doctrines Out Of The Classroom


As the Daily Wire reported this week, an elementary school in Virginia conducted a brainwashing session with a group of kindergartners. The susceptible children were required to sit on the floor and listen to a cross-dressing man read a book promoting “transgenderism.” The school claims it notified parents ahead of time about this event. The parents say otherwise. The lack of notification just makes the whole thing all the more outrageous, but it would still be outrageous even if the parents had all signed on.

The book used to indoctrinate the group of five-year-olds is called “I Am Jazz,” written by Jazz Jennings, a boy who claims to be a girl. If you are curious as to its contents, here’s a video of Jazz himself reading it. Jazz says he discovered he was a girl because he likes the color pink and never played with trucks as a kid. As I’ve pointed out many times in the past, “transgender” ideology completely undermines the feminist project in this way. Feminists have been telling us for years that colors and toys are not gendered things – a girl is not doing something boyish by playing with trucks and a boy is not being girly when he plays with dolls. That idea simply cannot coexist beside the notion that a boy might actually be a girl if he plays with dolls. Feminism seeks to destroy the social constructs of gender while “transgenderism” radically enforces them.

The young children in this kindergarten class were also told, through Jazz’s book, that sometimes a person might be born with a “girl brain but a boy body.” Once again, feminism is on the losing end of this claim. Enlightened liberal women would, in any other context, recoil at any talk of “girl brains.” Indeed, we’ve been repeatedly informed that there are no significant neurological differences between girls and boys. But whether or not the phrase “girl brain” has any intelligible meaning, one thing is certain: you absolutely cannot find one inside a boy body.

The brain is an organ of the body, it is part of the body. Saying a boy has a girl brain is like saying a boy has a girl pancreas or a girl elbow. If a boy’s body is a boy body then his brain is automatically a boy brain, because his brain is not a separate organism from the body. The “transgender” advocates are proposing a very strange kind of dualism, whereby the human body can be bifurcated into girl parts and boy parts, and the various parts can be combined into one confused whole. This is superstition, not science. It is an item of faith, and a very weird faith at that.

In America, we are all free to subscribe to whatever faith we desire. If your faith tells you that the idea of “girl” is some sort of abstract, platonic force which hovers about in the ether and may wander accidentally into a boy’s body, turning his body into a masculine shell encasing a girlish essence hidden mysteriously inside, you have every right to believe that gospel and promote it to others and shout it from the mountaintops if you are moved to do so. But you don’t have the right to teach it in our public schools.

The separation of church and state exists for a reason. Religion, as I’m so often reminded by the Left, is not to be forced on children by agents of the state. “Transgenderism” is nothing if not a religious doctrine. It is factually incorrect, logically ridiculous, scientifically absurd, and metaphysically incoherent, but it is none of my business if you wish to personally hold such views. It is my business, however, if you bring it into the classroom. School is a place for facts, not faith. And “transgenderism” is certainly not a fact.

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