WALSH: Illinois Is Set To Repeal Its Ban On Partial Birth Abortion. Here’s How That Barbaric Procedure Is Done.


The Illinois state House this week passed a radical pro-abortion bill that would legalize abortion through every stage of pregnancy and officially codify the dehumanization of the unborn into law. It would also eliminate spousal consent and require insurance companies to cover abortion. Under this law, a woman would have the right to kill her child at any point in pregnancy, for any reason, regardless of the father’s wishes, and regardless of her ability to pay. And that’s not even the most extreme aspect of the legislation.

Democrats in Illinois felt it necessary to go several steps further and repeal the state’s ban on partial birth abortion. This should not immediately result in any partial birth abortions actually taking place, as the federal ban on the practice remains, for now, intact, but it is bad enough that Democrats want this unthinkable barbarism to be legal. It is increasingly clear that Democrats will get rid of the federal ban if ever they have enough power to do so. When that day comes, here is a description of the procedure that will be performed legally in Illinois and probably several other states:

A fully developed and viable infant child is pulled feet-first out of the womb with forceps. The baby is delivered until just his head remains lodged in the birth canal while the rest of his body dangles out. The child at this point is alive and moving. He has been almost completely delivered. A pair of scissors are then jammed into the base of his skull. The child has a fully functioning nervous system so he will feel the indescribable pain of sharpened metal piercing through his tiny neck. A vacuum tube is shoved into the hole and his brains are sucked out of his head while he’s still alive. His collapsed skull is then pulled out of the vagina and the child’s corpse is thrown in the garbage.

This is what Democrats in Illinois support.

Any decent human being can see that this is savagery. You do not need to be right-wing or conservative to oppose sucking the brains out of infants. You merely need to be a human being. Only a soulless animal could possibly look with approval on such a practice. There are a lot of soulless animals in the Democrat Party, unfortunately. In fact, I doubt you’d find even as many as ten Democrats on Capitol Hill who would come out against it. And that is a fact that Republicans should be obsessively highlighting from now until 2020 and beyond.

There was quite a lot of hand wringing and bellyaching over the “extremism” of Alabama’s law, which prohibits abortion in almost every case. Well whether that was extreme or not — and it wasn’t, it was just morally and intellecutally consistent — it certainly does not come close to the extremism of crushing an infant’s skull 10 seconds before birth. Indeed, the word extremism doesn’t do it justice. This is ghastly. Beastly. Demonic. And, for the modern Democratic Party, mainstream.