A person uses a fire extinguisher to put out a burning barricade in Philadelphia on October 27, 2020, during a protest over the police shooting of 27-year-old Black man Walter Wallace. - Hundreds of people demonstrated in Philadelphia late on October 27, with looting and violence breaking out in a second night of unrest after the latest police shooting of a Black man in the US. The fresh unrest came a day after the death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace, whose family said he suffered mental health issues. On Monday night hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets, with riot police pushing them back with shields and batons. (Photo by Gabriella AUDI / AFP)


WALSH: If You Elect A Democrat To Lead Your City Or State, You Deserve The Chaos That Follows


The resurgence of left-wing rioting continued this week, spreading from Philadelphia into New York and DC. New York was the second city in as many nights to see cops run down by rampaging motorists. In Philadelphia, chaos reigned across several city blocks as dozens of stores were ransacked and everything from shoes to large appliances were hauled away by thieves. Looters even hit Chick-fil-A, carting off, I guess, fist fulls of ketchup packets and plastic forks. And this in spite of the fact that Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-fil-A, recently got on his knees and shined a black man’s shoes publicly in order to demonstrate his racial enlightenment. It just goes to show, once again, that you might as well retain your dignity because it will profit you nothing to forfeit it. 

More tragically, some of the stores had only recently reopened after being decimated during the first round of rioting back in May. Now these business owners must rebuild all over again, or else finally give up trying to do business in communities that will leap at the first opportunity to pillage their shelves and take food out of their children’s mouths. Such is life under a Democrat governor and mayor. Indeed, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has been relentless in pursuing and punishing dangerous degenerates who commit the crime of walking down the street without a mask, but is expectedly less determined to do anything at all about the looters currently terrorizing his most populous city. Speaking to reporters, Wolf — a man with the distinct aura of a henpecked substitute science teacher who can’t control his class — had this to say: 

Everyone is, uh, really sad by the death of the victim. And I think I share in mourning with the family. Any time that happens, it’s a tragedy. For whatever reason. And I think we need to follow up and find out what happened. I and my staff have been in constant communication with the people in Philadelphia. And the hope is that this doesn’t escalate into anything more than the peaceful protests that this kind of situation brings out.

He made this statement after rioters had already spent the previous night looting and burning, and at least one police officer had been sent to the hospital with broken bones. This, apparently, qualifies as a “peaceful protest.” It is not clear what would need to happen in order to be considered an escalation in Tom Wolf’s mind. Whatever it is, my guess is that the rioters would have to change their political affiliation (and, in many cases, their skin color) to earn a real rebuke from the governor of the once-proud commonwealth. 

This is what Democrats do when you elect them to run your city or state. They simply sit back and let it all burn, chiming in occasionally to offer words of encouragement to the people holding the matches. We have seen the same plot unfold, over and over again, from Philadelphia to New York to Minneapolis to Kenosha to Seattle and so on. Democrat leaders categorically refuse to enforce the law, as if motivated by some sort of perverse set of principles rather than plain old political cowardice.

In Portland, the police have been so thoroughly gelded that they’re now reduced to tweeting desperate pleas to the rioters who have held the city hostage for half the year. On Wednesday night, the Portland PD Twitter account sent out this pitiful message: “To those marching on N Denver Ave: Please be mindful of those who live in this community. Do not engage in criminal behavior to include obstructing vehicular traffic and vandalizing private property. We ask you to encourage those who are engaged in criminal behavior to stop.”

Shockingly, this does not appear to have deterred a single lawbreaker. Perhaps the police department will have to pull out the big guns and start tweeting angry gifs at the anarchists.

We can joke about it, but the consequences of Democrat governance are not funny. Yet they are predictable. And if you vote to elect these people to lead you, everything that happens next, all of the chaos and destruction that you had to know would come, is partly your fault. You deserve it. You quite literally asked for it. These are the fruits of the tree you planted. The only problem is that many of your neighbors who did not vote the same way, but found themselves outnumbered by the self-destructive and the credulous, must also reap what you have sown. 

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