WALSH: I Am A Gun Owner. I Will Get Rid Of My Gun Under These Simple Conditions.


The media is making quite a big deal out of the gun owners who are getting rid of their guns in an effort to promote gun control. Well, I am a gun owner, too. I will happily join these people in disarming myself, just as soon as conditions warrant it.

To be more specific, I will get rid of my gun the moment my gun becomes self-aware and develops the ability to go off by itself and shoot people on its own initiative.

I will get rid of my gun as soon as I begin to feel the insatiable urge to become a mass shooter.

I will get rid of my gun if I ever lose half my brain cells and no longer possess the basic competency to store and handle it safely.

I will get rid of my gun if someone can pull out a Bible and show me the verse that makes it a sin merely to own a weapon, or to use it for self-defense.

I will get rid of my gun if my gun ever becomes possessed by the Devil, or if I ever become possessed by the Devil.

I will get rid of my gun the very moment that all evil is vanquished from human society, and wickedness is purged from the hearts of men, and there is no longer any danger in the world and the whole of mankind can live in utter peace and harmony. When Christ returns in His glory I will certainly lay down my arms. I do not plan on bringing my gun to Heaven.

But we aren’t yet in Heaven. And that is why I have a gun. And that is why I won’t get rid of it.

Indeed, we are in a place so unlike Heaven, and so heavily populated with evil people, that it would be irresponsible and reckless not to own a gun. What sort of protector can I be for my family if I have not equipped myself with the tools necessary to protect them? I agree with the anti-gun people when they point out that the world is filled with bad and dangerous people. That is exactly why I own a gun. This is what the anti-gun people don’t seem to grasp: the very reason they want to ban guns is the very reason why we should not.

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