WALSH: The Huge, Glaring Problem With The ‘Gang Rape’ Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh


The latest Brett Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnik, claims that Kavanaugh, his friend Mark Judge, and other high school boys would frequently drug and rape women at parties. She paints a picture of Lord of the Flies-like gatherings, where boys would literally wait in line for their turn to rape the girls, who were either drugged or violently subdued. She says she knows this because she attended “many” of these parties. At least ten, she claims, in the span of just one year.

I’ve already pointed to six problems with her story, but I forgot to mention perhaps the biggest one. I feel I should mention it because the media certainly won’t. It could be misconstrued as “victim blaming” by people who are intent on misconstruing legitimate questions. And that question is this: if Kavanaugh and his cohorts were violent gang-rapists, and Swetnik and her friends knew this fact, why did they keep going to the parties? And why didn’t they ever contact the police?

Personally, I attended my share of parties in my teens and early twenties. I never once witnessed anything approaching a gang rape. I never once witnessed or even heard stories about a line of guys waiting patiently for their chance to assault an unconscious woman. Perhaps my experiences were an aberration, but I doubt it. The story Swetnik tells sounds like a high school party from a Hollywood horror film.

But if these parties really happened, it’s difficult to see how the police were never once called, parents were never once alerted, and the FBI, conducting several background checks on Kavanaugh through the years, never once heard tell of it. And the most incredible thing, the most unbelievable thing, the thing that potentially exposes this as a lie or a gross exaggeration, is that the accuser herself kept going back to these drug-fueled rapefests.

There are only three ways to explain this combination of details:

1) It’s not actually true that Kavanaugh and his friends were gang-raping women left and right. The story is completely fabricated.

2) It’s true that there was a lot of sexual contact at these parties, and it’s true that the parties were known for that kind of thing, but the sexual contact was consensual and it happened between people who came to those kinds of parties for that kind of thing.

3) Kavanaugh and his friends really were gang rapists, infamous for sexually brutalizing unsuspecting coeds, but girls kept coming to the parties hoping that they’d be spared.

I cannot say which of these options is true. I can say that only the first two are consistent with human nature. People lie. People have sex. Those things happen. Rape happens, too, but innocent people don’t generally attend rape parties over and over again. That just makes no sense. It is far outside the bounds of rational, or believable, human behavior.

But I haven’t mentioned one other critical fact. Swetnik graduated high school in 1980. That means she was an adult when she attended these high school gang rape parties. So, she not only went to parties with minors when she was an adult, but she went with the knowledge that violent sex crimes were being committed, and she never contacted the authorities. That would make her, at a minimum, complicit. Or she’s lying about the whole thing. There doesn’t seem to be much room in between.

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