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WALSH: How The Democrat Party Launders Money

By  Matt Walsh

Planned Parenthood has just announced a sweeping new initiative to unseat Republicans in state and federal offices. Its “largest ground game in history” will include door-knocking, advertising, and similar strategies. This will all be in addition to the 20 million dollar ad campaign it launched a few months ago. Their efforts on behalf of the Democrat Party may be ramped up more than usual, but there is nothing unprecedented happening here. The abortion conglomerate has been giving millions to Democrat campaigns and Democrat causes for decades. Meanwhile, they are given millions — 500 million, to be exact — in taxpayer dollars annually.

Planned Parenthood is, among other things, a not-so-cleverly-disguised money laundering operation for the Democrat Party. Tax money goes in the front door, Democrat campaign contributions (and the corpses of 300 thousand dead children a year) come out the back. To make matters even more absurd, the Republican Party is the one pushing the wheelbarrow full of cash through the door. Despite controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, Republicans have chosen to keep the pipeline open. They might as well get on their knees and shine the Democrat Party’s shoes while they’re at it.

Liberals have the gall to complain about the NRA’s donations to Republican politicians and causes, but the NRA is not funded by the public. There is no logical reason why the NRA should refrain, or be prevented, from giving some of its privately-raised funds to Republican campaigns. Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, rakes in a billion dollars in tax money every two years on the basis that it is nothing more than a “health care provider.” Yet it is allowed to act as a ruthlessly partisan organization even as it describes itself in such innocuous terms.

Of course, apologists will claim that all of this is a non-issue. Yes, Planned Parenthood is funded by tax payers, they say, but the tax money doesn’t go towards the baby killing or the political activism. These apologists may as well pee in a pool and claim that they only peed in one side of it. Like water, money is fungible. There is no difference between one dollar and another dollar. Obviously, if we give Planned Parenthood half a billion “restricted” dollars to put towards non-abortion and non-political activities, we have enabled them to dedicate their non-restricted funds to those activities. If you give a homeless guy ten dollars and then he goes and buys a sandwich and a bag of crack, it would be useless for him to claim that he used your dollars for the sandwich and other dollars for the crack. Even if that were true (which you couldn’t really verify), you still helped him buy the crack by taking care of the sandwich.

There is not a single good reason to continue funding this organization. There are two very good reasons to stop. Someone just needs to get the message to the Republicans.

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