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WALSH: Hey #MeToo, Planned Parenthood Has Been Covering Up Sex Abuse And Child Rape For Decades

By  Matt Walsh

Planned Parenthood is very thankful for Samantha Bee and Roseanne this week. The controversies surrounding both women have managed to overshadow, even among conservative pundits and publications, the news that the abortion giant has been aiding and abetting child rapists and sexual abusers for decades.

In a damning report published by Live Action, citing eye witness accounts, court cases, video footage, and the testimony of victims, it was revealed that the tax-funded abortion corporation has been engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up sex crimes. The specific cases mentioned in the report are downright chilling.

A woman named Denise Fairbanks says she was raped and impregnated by her father at the age of 13. He took her to Planned Parenthood and forced her to get an abortion. She told the clinic staff that she was being abused, but they refused to alert the authorities. Instead, they simply performed the abortion and sent her home with her father, who continued to rape her for another year and a half.

In another case, a man named George Savannah raped and impregnated his daughter three times. Each time, he brought her to Planned Parenthood so that the evidence of his crime could be destroyed. The fact that a man kept returning to the clinic year after year to get abortions for his young daughter apparently never raised any red flags. None of the incidents were reported, so the abuse continued.

In still another case, a 12-year-old girl was brought to the clinic by her foster brother, who was also her rapist. Planned Parenthood never contacted the authorities and never even bothered to tell the victim’s foster parents. The girl’s abuse continued as a result.

These incidents are not isolated. They are widespread, all too common, and Planned Parenthood has made absolutely no effort to correct the problem. Planned Parenthood was already caught on video in 2011 failing to report the sex abuse of minors. In response, they held training sessions with their employees — to teach them how to detect when they’re being filmed. They did not provide any guidance on how to identify and report sex crimes. Because they simply don’t care about that. Planned Parenthood has always been a rapist’s best friend, and now they seem to have fully embraced that role.

I don’t believe that staff members at your average Planned Parenthood clinic support rape, per se. I think they just care much more about the financial and ideological bottom line. Financially, rape is good for business because it brings in money. Repeated rape, especially the repeated rape of a child by a family member, is extremely good for business because it creates a sustained revenue stream. And ideologically, it would hurt the cause of “reproductive rights” if people began to understand just how often women are coerced or outright forced to “choose” abortions.

So, not reporting rape means more money. Reporting rape means less money and more scrutiny. Planned Parenthood chooses the former, and why not? They’re already killing human beings for money. Why get all squeamish about a little rape here and there?

Now the feminist crusaders against sex abuse have their own choice to make. They can finally speak up and hold this vile, blood-soaked, rape-facilitating organization accountable for its many crimes against women and children, or they can abandon their #MeToo convictions, abandon these victims just as Planned Parenthood abandoned them, fall in line, and start spouting the defensive talking points Planned Parenthood assigns to them. In other words, they can do the right thing or the unspeakably evil thing. I guess we will find out which they choose. I am not very optimistic.

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