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WALSH: First Karen Pence, Then The Covington Students. The Left Has Declared War On Christian Schools.

By  Matt Walsh

The Left spent much of last week attacking Karen Pence because she got a job at a Christian school that follows Christian teaching. By the end of the week, #ExposeChristianSchools was trending on Twitter. Then, on Saturday, a false narrative was quickly constructed claiming that a group of students from a Catholic school harassed and taunted a Native American man. I do not think that these events came together coincidentally.

As I wrote last week, we have officially entered a new phase in the culture war. Gone are the days when leftists pretended to see religion as a thing that should be relegated to homes and churches and private schools. That very small amount of extremely limited and qualified “tolerance” is gone. They will not tolerate Christianity in any forum, especially a private school. Check the hashtag mentioned above. It is filled with open, unapologetic hatred for Christian schools as an institution. And remember: the campaign was trending before the Convington incident, which happened to fit nicely into the pre-established narrative. Convenient, isn’t it?

This is a pattern with the Left. They tend to find perfectly timed “real world” examples to demonstrate whatever point they were already making. In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, we were told that racists would be emboldened. And, just like that, reports of hate crimes starting coming in. Of course, many of them proved to be hoaxes, but that is a minor detail. After Ferguson, we were told that white supremacist police officers are on the prowl for innocent black men. Just like that, high profile cases of “police brutality” presented themselves. Many of those cases were not legitimate examples of police brutality, but, again, the truth or falsehood of the matter was considered irrelevant. This week we were told that Christian schools are nests of bigotry and intolerance. Then — what do you know? — video surfaces of kids at a Christian school verbally assaulting an elderly indigenous man.

I’m not suggesting that this is all part of any sort of coordinated masterplan. I don’t think that these incidents are engineered by some shadowy, devious figure behind the scenes. The “conspiracy” is less cinematic in scope and doesn’t involve much in the way of actual conspiring. The media is already on the same page; there is no need to conspire. They decide what kinds of events and incidents will be reported and which elements of those incidents will be highlighted. The Covington story was seized upon and exploited because it fit well with many common leftist themes, and especially with the themes they’d been hammering in recent days.

But there is always a point with these narratives and themes. The Left hasn’t gone to the trouble of painting Christian schools as dangerous hate factories for no reason. They intend to do something with the fruits of their labor. What that is, exactly, will become clearer very soon.

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