WALSH: A Feminist Sexually Assaulted A Man On Camera At The Women’s March And Nobody Cares


While everyone was having a panic attack because a high school kid smiled at a Native American, a far more egregious act went entirely unnoticed. Owen Shroyer, a reporter with Infowars, was sexually assaulted by a demonstrator at the Women’s March. The act occurred on camera and the woman openly admitted to it.

Put aside however you may feel about Infowars. That should make no difference here at all. The facts remain the same. A woman walked over to Shroyer and groped his genitals, announced that she had “grabbed [him] by the balls,” and then proudly said “yes” when asked if she had committed sexual assault. Meanwhile a group of police officers stood literally feet from the incident and did not intervene or arrest the sex predator.

I need not point out the obvious, but I will. If the roles had been reversed and a man walked over to a woman, grabbed her genitals, laughed about it, and then bragged that he’d committed sexual assault and wouldn’t be arrested, there would hysterical outrage across the country. If the deed was politically motivated and the man had assaulted the woman because he disagreed with her liberal ideas, the reaction would be apocalyptic in scale. The man’s name and face would be plastered on every newscast. The “toxic masculinity” thinkpieces would rain down on our heads like hail. And the man would certainly be arrested.

But when a woman is the guilty party? Silence. Crickets. Nobody cares. It gets no attention. It provokes no anger. It leads to no consequences for the sexual assaulter. If she experiences any consequences for her actions, they will most likely be positive. I imagine she’s upped her feminist street cred considerably. Maybe she’ll get a contributor gig on CNN.

This is why the MeToo movement is largely fraudulent and the feminist handwringing over sexual assault cannot be taken entirely seriously. They don’t really care about sexual assault per se. They care about the political and ideological advantage they can gain from highlighting certain examples of assault. The careful selectiveness of the whole campaign completely undermines its credibility.

Well, in any case, at least we spent this week harping on the real crime: a teenaged boy’s smirk. Clearly that is where all of our anger should be focused. We need not spend any time condemning a grown woman who walked casually up to a man and groped him. In fact, we can keep pretending that such things never happen. It’s easier to say they never happen if you studiously ignore them when they do.

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